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Male Anuirean Priest 8 of Azrai, Scion 1; CR:9

Messiah to the Sons of Hjalsone

Lineage of Townsfolk

Major Bloodline of Azrai, 38

NE Medium Humanoid

VP/WP x/x

Init +x

Languages Anuirean, Rjurik, Goblin

AC x, touch x, flatfooted x

Fort +x, Ref +x, Will +x

Speed 30 ft

Melee Atk x

Ranged x

Base Atk x

Abilities Str 12, Dex 8, Con 13, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 15



Special Qualities: including linked blood abilities

Description: A tall thickset man the Father is quite an imposing figure. His voice is deep and loud, his hand usually formed into a clunking fist, a stereotypical northman it is, as they say, rarely difficult to tell him apart from a ray of sunshine when he has a grievance - which is most of the time.

Typical Dialogue:

Our forefathers died for our beliefs, will you betray their sacrifice for a handful of grain and beads?

We shall never surrender to the lies of Unionists! There shall be no yielding to their lies, no audience for their bile! Strike down those who would preach falsely to you and cast down their lies!


Demagogue or visionary ? the answer depends on your point of view. Father Pais received a great vision on the day Fhiele ascended to the throne of a horned man with eyes of green fire atop a mighty black stallion. This vision ? the Huntsman - spoke to Pais of Erik?s will and warned him of the doom that would befall the Dhoesoneans if they remained ?slugs trapped behind stone walls at the beck and call of the sidhe?.
After the vision Father Pais found that folk listened to his words as never before and thousands swiftly came to follow him as the true voice of Erik in the land, leaving their former lives as villagers and townsfolk and following him to form nomadic clans known locally as the Sons of Hjalsone.
Unfortunately for Father Pais the evil of civilization yet taints much of Dhoesone sapping the people of moral strength and undermining his people?s resolve with its soft life. The last winters have been harsh and many of the Sons are beginning to doubt the Father?s wisdom for game grows scarcer each year.
Father Pais is considering two main options for the Sons; the first is that they expand their lands migrating into the empty Giantdowns or even into Stjordvik. The second is that they begin to raid villages of the settled folk, who are in the mind of Father Pais stealing the bounty of the land ? particularly those that follow the lies of Heathen gods (any gods aside from blessed Erik).
The more he considers these plans the more the latter plan sounds good ? Pais has been sent visions of Storm?s boatmen hauling nets full of fish from the Northbryn river and harvesting fields waving with ripe barley. The message seems clear to Pais, the Sons of Hjalsone hunger due to the heavy harvest of the guildsman and thus the guild should provide also the means for sating their hunger.

[top]Plots and rumors

[top]A vision of light

The huntsman recently sent Father Pais two visions, the first was of a Tor near Silverwell beneath which is trapped a servant of Erik. The Tor is ringed with great dwarf-forged iron spikes chaining the spirit to the land. A series of stones inscribed with the name of the spirit and its nature hold the key to its release and are scattered about the northwest of Dhoesone, many have been recovered by Erik?s enemies and are held in the groves of his faithless so-called druids and the evil churches of the conqueror-god Holn.

[top]A vision of darkness

The second vision concerned a young girl to the south. She is plagued by nightmares that somehow threaten the Sons. To be cleansed of the taint and the threat removed she must be placed, and kept, in a properly constructed spirit cabin for three days and nights ? no matter what horrors emerge on the first two nights.

[top]DM note

Father Pais considers himself a paragon of godliness and moral virtue. He prays to Erik morning, noon, and night and ensures that his people follow the 'right path' even if, as stern father, he must from time to time punish them for going astray. that such punishments must be swift and harsh merely reflects the corrupt world in which his people live - the huntsman long ago showed the Father the failure of leadership that is mercy, and the dire consequences to those led for the weakness - and the Father has not let mercy cross his mind since.

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