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framed|Mark of Clarice

Note that this character uses the Warlock from Complete Arcane and not the new Player's Handbook.
Female Anuirean Noble 1/ Warlock (D&D) 5; CR 6

Sword Mage

Lineage of Nobility

Major Bloodline of Anduiras, 40

LG Medium Humanoid


Init +0

Languages Anuirean, Vos

AC , touch , flatfooted

Fort + , Ref + , Will +

Speed ft

Melee Atk + (damage /critical, weapon)

Ranged + (damage /critical, weapon)

Base Atk + ; Grapple

Abilities Str 8, Dex 17, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 19

Feats: Leadership, Point Blank Shot, Sudden Extend, Sudden Widen, Weapon Focus: Rapier


Special Qualities: Bloodmark, Detect Lie, Healing

Description: , lbs


Invocations Known (3 least): least -- Beguiling Influence, Eldritch Spear, See the Unseen
Realm Spells Known: Dispel Realm Magic, Scry Province, Subversion
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framed|Clarice Isilviere

Typical Dialogue:


A summary of notes from the Official Scholars of the Heartlands Outfitters
Sword Mage Apprentice

Age: 16.

Race: Anuirean

Sex: Female

Clarice Isilvere is the long lost younger sister of Elton Isilviere. Abducted as a child by Stanislav Gregarin. We have tracked her whereabouts down to Ghoere, as Stanislav's apprentice, or apprentice to the Sword Mage.
From interviewing the Isilvieres, we have found that their child was lost in a boating accident when she was only seven years of age. Eyewitnesses in Taeghas report that strange illusions were used, which is consistent with Stanisslav Gregarin's modus operandi in acquiring his young victims. What is strange and unusual is that she is devoted to the Sword Mage Stanislav.
As his apprentice, she is learning the same sort of magic that Stanislav is using, except for the Warlock invocations that were used by the Lost. The magic she knows is definitely fiendish oriented, although she seems to be in more control than her Master. She usually has an imp in tow behind her. She is becoming dangerous in her magic. The Isilvere family would be very interested in learning of her whereabouts, and may even be anxious to extract her. Providing that this information can be used to Endier's advantage.


[top]Early Childhood

Clarice Isilviere is the youngest daughter of Gaelin Isilviere and Aerona Avan. She was the last to be born, when Aerona was only 39 years of age (although some dispute that). Clarice grew up as a normal child, playing at her brother's holdings at Seaside as well at Isilviere Castle since she could walk. Her father doted on her, being the youngest daughter.
Her brother, Elton Isilviere, promptly loved her because she brought joy while he squired under the Paladins of Nesirie. The two were especially close for being so far apart in ages. He always took care of her while they walked around Seaside. When she turned five years of age, however, Elton had to go to Suiriene and then to Müden on a diplomatic mission for Taeghas. And she hoped that he'd return.
When she was six, Elton returned and was knighted a Paladin of Nesirie. He also returned with a Khinasi wife from Binsada, the exotic Amirah bint Rashoud, who was linked to Binsadan royalty. Despite some changes in him, she was happy that her brother had returned home! She was happy to have her laughing and now inspiring brother with her.
The next year, everything changed when Elton started to invite foreign guests. Such guests include Rahíl the Falcon, diplomats from the Siren, Omadi the Quick, and a Vos from Ghoere named Stanislav Gregarin. She liked Rahil the Falcon, Omadi the Quick, and other guests that he invited. But Clarice did not like Stanislav Gregarin.
The Vos man, however, took a strong liking to Clarice. In fact, he could not take his eyes off her. This totally unnerved her, and she clung to Elton whenever they dealt with him. In fact, she had the unnerving feeling that Stanislav was stalking her.
Finally, Clarice decided to go boating around Seaside bay to take her mind off of the weird man. Her favorite sloop was the Magestic Bayside which once belonged to her distant cousin, Ailbhie Isilviere. What she did not know that Stanislav was lying in wait to trap her. While sailing, a strange miasmic cloud appeared pulled her boat into it while Clarice screamed. Her escorts were killed by strange blasts of energy, and then Stanislav appeared. Before she could scream again, Stanisslav used an invocation to charm her.
Clarice, seven years of age, promptly fell in love with Stanislav. He grabbed her, jumped into the water, and swam away to the coast. The boat emerged from the miasmic cloud having lost all hands. When Elton Isilviere discovered the boat, he screamed in despair and told his father and mother what had happened. A somber funeral was held a week later, and Elton never recovered from the shock.


Clarice was kidnapped at the age of seven, but through Stanislav's invocation she had fallen hopelessly in love. Stanisslav spirited her away to the Sielwode; being reluctant to have her form a Warlock pact with the Cold Rider, as he had done.
Having found the fairies deep in the Sielwode, Stanislav had her participate in a bizarre ceremony. She promised their first born child to be raised by the Fae in the Sielwode, and the fairies gave her the powers of a Warlock. Then Stanislav began to complete her training.
Clarice became his best apprentice in the arcane arts of the Warlock. She could control her powers better than he could, and she began to excel at her training as a Noble. They consider her to be his consort by Common Law, that is, without a wedding ceremony.
At the age of 13, she birthed their first child, a girl. Per their pact, the Fae came and took the baby away, to be fostered by the elves of the Sielwode.
Being a Warlock in Ghoere was not without its challenges. Throughout her life with Stanislav, Clarice has faced the worst of ridicule. Warlocks are not trusted, since most Awnsheghlien are warlocks, the Drake being the most obvious example. Children her age were taught not to trust her, so she was spat upon, teased, and abused. She was tempted to use her powers most grievously, but she held back.
When she was 14, Stanislav and Clarice participated in a war between Ghoere and Alamie. A mining dispute was the trigger, but Gavin Tael had his eye fixed on punishing the Duke of Alamie for some time. Because of Clarice and Stanislav's participation in the war, Ghoere defeated Alamie and the Sword Mage had gained a source holding.

[top]Young Adulthood

At the age of 15, Clarice had gained control of most of her powers. Stanislav also taught her about source networks, manipulating the magic of the Land, forging ley lines, and about realm spells. Her experience during the War had been another source of new powers and new abilities.
Clarice and Stanislav now reside in his citadel outside of Ghieste. She is Stanislav's designated heir of part of the Sword Mage's domain. If Stanislav dies, Clarice gains a source network consisting of Ghiere, Rhumannen, and Tireste.

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