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Male Sidhe Bard 7; CR:x

Wandering bard

Lineage of commoners


CN Medium Humanoid

VP/WP x/x

Init +x

Languages Goblin, Sidhelien, Karamhul, Anuirean, Rjuven

AC , (dex)

Fort +x, Ref +x, Will +x

Speed ft

Melee Atk Longsword

Ranged Sling

Base Atk

Abilities Str , Dex , Con , Int , Wis , Cha .



Special Qualities: Spells, Ranger abilities

Description: Flamboyantly dressed and with looks to make a maiden swoon, Kendrik enjoys being the center of attention wherever he goes. He is an excellent singer, exceptional raconteur, and already with a jest.

Possessions: None.
Typical Dialogue:

?My dear, how did so fair a rose bloom in this desolate town? Abide with me for awhiles, let me tell you tales of far off lands and play you the music your sweet soul yearns for.?

?You are my child, beloved, that is why your spirit strains so to escape this land of walls, weirs and hedges; come with me and see the beauty of the forests as only one of the sidhelien can.?


Kendrik is a traveler and bon vivant, not for him the hopeless dreams of a glorious past before humans came to Cerilia ? not when every human village holds a succession of willing girls who swoon at his chiseled looks and sweet songs. Kendrik is proud of having fathered dozens ? if not scores ? of half-elves over the last few centuries and looks forward to fathering many more.
While Kendrik leaves each besotted lass behind as the next beckons, he still cherishes his children ? and woe behind the village that mistreated one of his children when Kendrik returns 15-20 years later and hears of the child?s suffering. Like many elves Kendrik has a cruel sense of humor to those who wrong his people and is quite willing to visit a village repeatedly over the years to torment someone who harmed one of his brood.
Kendrik also often takes children who are scorned (his own, or even pureblood human children who catch his fancy) to the sidhelien in the east if he thinks that they will find a better life amongst the Sidhelien.
Kendrik is will to fight any enraged menfolk who seek to avenge ?wrongs? done to ?their? women if he must; but prefers to simply slip away ? or better yet lead the men into the woods or a mire where they will stumble for hours bedeviled by his pranks before he bores of them and leaves.
Kendrik typically travels with his cat Croosh that some of the sidhelien say is wiser than Kendrik. Croosh is a forest spirit able to change forms between a mild-looking housecat and a fearsome crag-cat in the blink of an eye. Croosh is Kendrik?s friend rather than pet and ensures that Kendrik travels in safety.


Kendrik has many friends ? particularly after an evening playing to a local tavern where hard-bitten men with callused fists will stop anyone bothering the merry raconteur enlivening their evening, but he has no followers as such.

[top]Plots and rumors

Kendrik is a fountain of knowledge about events and so can spread tales and rumours, but other than out-raging any number of father?s brothers and husbands he generally does not drive plots himself.
Purpose: An introduction to elves, potential father to a half-elven PC, matter of justice: he stole my wife! He led my daughter astray! Vengeance of the father.

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