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Arms of RuidewashArms of Ruidewash

Resources: Rye, Barley, Lumber.
Population: x


The forests of Ruidewash are dark and unwelcoming, the loggers of Adaere Doneim are slowly cutting back the forest line and many believe that the spirits of the woods despise all mankind for Doneim's actions. Several elves still live in Ruidewash and wherever they and the loggers come into contact, trouble is sure to erupt.

The Northlands Exchange once dominated the trade, particularly in the town of Muldons Ford. However following a scandal involving a billy-goat, the coaster's factor Riegon lost all authority and status in the province and Doneim took control. Although the elves initially believed that Doneim would stop the logging that Riegon had begun, Doneim swiftly disabused them of the notion and Doneim's one time friendship with the elf enchanter Mawrmaval Silvertongue has turned into bitterest enmity.



[top]Muldon's Ford

Muldon's Ford is the largest village in the province. Surrounded by clear land as far as the eye can see, Muldon's Ford grows a substantial surplus of rye and barley even after supporting the logging camps that lie a half days walk in several directions. Muldon's Ford has suffered a multitude of pranks and other petty annoyances in recent years - left without constant watch saddles and yokes become unfastened, tools vanish, food is stolen and the like. Last winter these pranks became deathly serious and several folk of the town were been found dead without apparent cause - though a look of horror was etched upon their faces.


Named for the shadows of the nearby hills which seem to constantly swathe the town Umber is a small community of herdsmen and farmers that manage a reasonable living from the soil. Umber has long suffered from a fell reputation, in part this was due to the presence of the tower of the dread Sorcerer Laak who was defeated by Clumine and Daeric Dhoesone a decade ago, but whose tower is avoided to this day. Umber sits atop a fairly extensive cavern network, the uppermost parts of which are used for growing mushrooms by the villagers and for storage.

[top]Sites and features

[top]The questing beast

A white, some even say silver, stag has been seen in Ruidewash over the years and always seems to reappear when least expected - even if slain and consumed the stag seems to return within a few years. The stag is said to grant wisdom to one who follows it - or strength to one who consumes its heart. Sacred to the local druids as a symbol of life and peace the priests of Haelyn consider it a gift of Haelyn sent to prove a knight's courage and valor through pursuing and vanquishing it, any knight who returned with its antlers would be assured of fame and glory.

[top]The fell hunter

Said by the druid's to be night to the white stag's day, this legendary beast is said to corrupt those it meets and pervert the path of nature; this panther-like beast of shadow and death hunts anyone foolish to stray from the villages and well traveled paths of Ruidewash from time to time. Fond of human flesh the hunter avoids magic which it seems to sense from afar but otherwise seems to fear nothing. Rewards for the slaughter of the fell beast have been offered by many of those harmed by its predations, several priests of Haelyn have set the beast's capture or destruction as penance for severe crimes, so far the beast has survived every attempt to stop its intermittent hunts. The druids are far more resigned to the hunter's presence than the Haelynites who have a continually growing list of young knights slain by the hunter to avenge.

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