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Arms of FreilaArms of Freila

Female Rjurik Fighter 10; CR 10
Queen of Hogunmark
Royal lineage
Major Bloodline of Reynir, 32
LG Medium Humanoid

Init +
Languages Rjuven

Fort +, Ref +, Will +

Base Atk

Special Qualities:

Typical Dialogue:
Poor in gold perhaps, but not honor - nor pride, take your merchants follies back to Gandvick and let them rot there unmourned .
Freila YngviFreila Yngvi


Queen Freila is an intelligent, middle-aged woman who rules the land from her palace in Veikanger, deep in the southern forests. She’s well liked by her people, who thus far have not experienced serious difficulties arising from the Rjurik urban/nomadic conflict.

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