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The north of Dhoesone has always been home to nomads, however until Fhiele claimed the throne it was a reasonably settled land. Seeing a ?sidhe queen? take the throne was too much for many of the people of Dhoesone. Under the fog-horn voiced urgings of the fire-and-brimstone preacher Father Pais, many of the villagers gave up their settled homes and took to the nomadic ways of ancient tradition. They became known as the Sons of Hjalsone.
The nomadic ways of the Sons meant that they were spared the wrath of the giants last year ? proof in the eyes of many that they were right despite the hardship they have faced, doubters are growing in number however for none of the dire warnings about Fhiele?s treacherous nature have been realized.
Each ?clan? of the Sons is led by a Jarl, all of whom look to Father Pais for guidance. The clans still tend a number of fields - Father Pais is still working on reducing the need for the people to ?rape Cerilia? with agriculture ? although these crops are often sown by one clan in spring, tended by a second in summer and harvested by a third in autumn.
Increasingly the general population is regretting following the father ? times have been hard since they began wandering and Father Pais has often been brutal in suppressing dissent, so far however no one has spoken for these dissenters and so each believes themselves the only one with doubts.

[top]Tenets of the Faith

  • Erik?s servant, the Huntsman, guides us, so long as we walk the land he protects us from harm

  • Erik feeds and clothes us; to listen to the lies of other gods is to forsake the father that has provided for us.

  • Those who drain Cerilia of its resources are cast out by it as the goblins were long before; such folk deserve neither pity nor mercy

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