The Northern Marches » Dhoesone » Harper's Point » Grokk Maneater
Male Giant Fighter 4; CR:12

Sub-chief of the Harper's Point giants

Lineage of Royalty

Minor Bloodline of Azrai, 12

CE Huge Humanoid

VP/WP x/x

Init +x

Languages Giant , Goblin

AC x, touch x, flatfooted x

Fort +x, Ref +x, Will +x

Speed 30 ft

Melee Atk x

Ranged x

Base Atk x

Abilities Str 32, Dex 8, Con 22, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 10.



Special Qualities:

Description: .

Possessions: Giant-size adamantine plate-mail +2, huge longsword +2 flaming, huge longbow.
Typical Dialogue:

?Him and his dreams of kingdom, we should be gone from here, the loot grows thin and the small ones gather against us!?

?West Ulfnar led us after finding the circlets and west went all of those wearing the circlets of old save you Rauck; why do we remain heeding neither the call of the one to the west nor the call home??


Grokk is Rauck?s brother but remains opposed to Rauck?s desire to forge a kingdom of giants and slaves. Grokk wants to go home to the Giantdowns for he fears that inevitably the humans will come against them in sufficient numbers to overwhelm them ? despite Rauck?s new found sorcery.


Grokk and several other of the fhoimorien grouch to each other about the strangeness affecting Rauck and some of their kin, living in the center of a human realm that will inevitably send knights against them, and the increasing lack of loot. So far however none of the warriors are ready to follow Grokk over Rauck.

[top]Plots and rumors

[top]Home sweet home

Grokk wants to go home to the Downs where he knows all the places to hide - or ambush. Rauck however will not easily give up the giant's new home. Perhaps if the slaves fled? Or if the humans could be provoked into a show of force before they are ready? Grokk won't endanger his kin - he has females a-cub in the town, but he wouldn't hesitate to let the goblins or ogres get slaughtered if it encouraged Rauck to at least seek to build his new realm in the Giantdowns...

[top]My brother's heir

Grokk has watched the changes in Rauck with a mixture of awe and fear. Awe for the sorcerous power, keen wit and other gifts of Dal-Kar-Mal; fear that his brother is no longer who he was in soul. Grokk has seen how his brother's most loyal followers have also begun to change, and wondered sometimes if he should set aside his doubts, or whether he should try to claim the mystical circlet himself. So far the image of the giant army - members of dozens of clans drawn from across the Downs - sailing off to the West with no sign since, has deterred Grokk from attempting either course, so far.

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