The Northern Marches » Dhoesone » Harper's Point » Rauck Stonelord
Male Giant Fighter 5, Sorcerer 9*; CR:20

Chief of the Harper's Point giants

Major Bloodline of Azrai, 30

NE Huge Humanoid

VP/WP x/x

Init +x

Languages Giant, Goblin, Sidhelien

AC 30, (fullplate +3, -1 size, +8 natural)

Fort +x, Ref +x, Will +x

Speed 40 ft

Melee Atk Huge Greatsword +20/+15/+10

Ranged Great bow +10/+5 missile.

Base Atk 2d8+15 sword or bow 2d6+10

Abilities Str 32, Dex 12*, Con 22, Int 24*, Wis 16*, Cha 16*.

Feats: Weapon specialisation: greatsword, cleave, great cleave, power-attack, sunder


Special Qualities:Spells*, SR 16*

Description: A tall fhoimorien giant of unusually graceful build.

Possessions: Rauck's prized possessions were all found by him in an ancient giant tomb on the body of a long-dead giant called Dal-Kar-Mal. Of the items found however the most prized is not his huge magical sword, nor his near-impervious armor, but the jade circlet which holds the soul of the long dead giant and now grants Rauck wisdom and power (all marked with an asterisk above). +3 huge greatsword dragonsbane, +3 composite longbow of accuracy, full-plate +3 ghost-touch. artifact: Soul-circlet of Dal-Kar-Mal.
Typical Dialogue:

Great riches will be ours in time, you will all come to understand. I am the rebirth of our people that have long slumbered, through me we shall return to greatness and all this land will be ours.

More whispers in my dreams Dal-Kar-Mal? I will claim all that you once were and make our people as of legend again! Whatever lies so far in the west that you hunger to reach can wait!

Grokk, take a dozen warriors and strike the village from the south loudly ? their womenfolk will flee to the east to the woods where Maggak awaits with nets and fist to claim them. Once the men-folk fall you may claim whatever you wish from the farmsteads ? half the slaves and livestock will be yours, but remember to bring back to me the silver-shot stone shaped like an arrow head that the farmers use to mark their land!

A keeper of the earth Dal-Kar-Mal? How can one of your enemies walk Cerilia after so long a time? Curse him and his sacred stones that deny us our prize!''


A year ago an earthquake opened a cairn in the Giantdowns revealing a number of ancient magical circlets and other items to the local giants. The circlets were possessed by spirits who first dominated the giants and then led them to gather a host and march through Dhoesone on their way to some destination far to the west.
Rauck was one of those who found the circlets, but unlike his fellows he was not dominated by it and after the town of Harper?s Point was conquered Rauck stayed to rule over the town. Since donning the circlet Rauck has grown more than 6 feet taller, become finer of feature and far keener of wit. He has also allowed the spirit of the circlet to cast spells through him to win the awe of his kinsmen and destroy his enemies.
Rauck has ordered the town of Harper's Point rebuilt by the giants in the ancient fashion. His troops are increasingly mutinous at the constant orders to work and steadily reducing stock of loot ? particularly the ale that initially led them to acclaim Rauck?s wisdom in raiding south from the Downs.
Rauck cares little for such things; he has grown stronger and wiser than his fellows under the circlet?s power and now never takes it off. Rauck has begun ordering his people to capture humans from farmstead and the like and make them slaves to continue the building work, already a small fort stands in the hill above the town where the church once stood and it grows by the day.
Purpose: Foe. Quest person.


The giant's and other inhabitants of Harper's Point all obey Rauck - for now. Though they dislike living far from their home Rauck has their loyalty for now and as long as the loot keeps coming in and he remains successful none will stand against him.

[top]Plots and rumors

[top]The Call of the West

Why Dal-Kar-Mal wishes to travel west, or where he truly wishes to go are his secrets and his alone, the spirit refuses to share them with Rauck. The spirit will likely tolerate some delay - he has presumably waited several thousand years already, but then again, the earthquake may have been no accident and whatever called his kin to awaken and claim their hosts may reach out again and demand that Dal-Kar-Mal joins his awakened brethren, though with Rauck starting as stubborn enough to resist Dal-Kar-Mal's urgings and now far wiser and stronger than before perhaps he will remain yet. Rauck knows however that he has yet to open himself to the spirit for fear of losing his mind, but what power would he gain if he did and could still control the spirit? What mastery of magic did the ancient giant hold? So far Rauck has not had to risk finding out preferring to rely on his brute power to the spirit's magic.

[top]Ancient children

Although the spirit of Dal-Kar-Mal continues to shape Rauck's body towards Dal-Kal-Mar's own ancient form the changes are well advanced and several of the babes in giantess wombs will bear wit and magic long lost by the Giants of the Downs if they survive to adulthood.s

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