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Male Anuirean Fighter 8; CR:x

Lineage of minor nobility


LG Medium humanoid

VP/WP x/x

Init +x

Languages Anuirean

AC ,

Fort +x, Ref +x, Will +x

Speed ft

Melee Atk

Ranged Sir Nourn scorns ranged weapons as cowardly

Base Atk Longsword

Abilities Str 15, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 8, Wis 6 , Cha 16.



'''Special Qualities:

Description: A tall fairly handsome man with a wide smile, proud bearing, and bright blue eyes.

Possessions: Fey-blooded mare "Thunder"; Armour of the beloved fool (platemail of fair and foul luck, fast healing), longsword +2 of trouble-seeking. Sir Nourn gives any wealth he has to those in need so he is generally penniless.
Typical Dialogue: Huzzah, Charge my friends! To death or glory!

A joust sir, a joust! Tis the morn not bright? The air not alive with a gay breeze? How better might two gentlemen take another's measure on such a fine day than by a joust! Let us cut some staves and be to it


This hapless ?Knight? rides the north of Dhoesone on his placid mare ?Thunder? in the defense of the locals ? a hopeless romantic and demented soul he has been known to tilt at windmills, assault haystacks during high wind and challenge thunderstorms to battle.
He has also however been known to scatter gnoll bands to the winds, charge through goblin battle-ranks with impunity and assault even the giants on their annual march and still live to seek glory and honor another day. No quest from a fair maid is too petty for Sir Nourn?s attention, no odds too great to deter him. He is as happy searching for a lost kitten as seeking some legendary treasure of the elves and the folk of Dhoesone love him for it.
Sir Nourn?s tinpot armor and off-key horn are familiar sights and sounds in Dharilein and Giants Fastness where he is often waylaid by the Sons of Hjalsone as he tries to battle the heresies of Father Pais and aid those who would oppose him.
A recurrent quest for Sir Nourn is the search for his ?fair lady Eleanor? who he believes became lost whilst searching for wild roses. Signs and portents often guide Sir Nourn in this quest (such as a robin redbreast seeking its mate or a cloud shaped like a flower petal) as do any rumors he hears of lost maidens, meadows of wild flowers or ? gods help them ? ?kidnappers?.
Purpose: Ally. Comedic interlude. Rival.


None, although many of the people of Dhoesone look fondly on the mad knight and aid him in minor ways.

[top]Plots and rumors

At the slightest hint of any quest in need of a knight Sir Nourn will spare no effort to succeed in the quest, this is well known by the folk of Dhoesone who often bring him news and tell him the legends of the land. One such legend that Nourn has yet to determine the truth of is the legendary razor-fanged hunting spider of Dharilein, it is said that in an eternally frost-rimed cavern in the north of the province sleeps the great spider, rousing every few months to prey on isolated farmsteads and carry off the farmers to feed on over the coming months.

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