The Northern Marches » Dhoesone » Sons of Hjalsone » Grey Ulfjor
Male Anuirean Ranger 6; CR:6

Right hand to Father Pais of the Sons of Hjalsone

Lineage of Townsfolk


CE Medium Humanoid

VP/WP x/x

Init +x

Languages Anuirean

AC x, touch x, flatfooted x

Fort +x, Ref +x, Will +x

Speed 30 ft

Melee Atk x

Ranged x

Base Atk x

Abilities Str 16, Dex 13, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 12



Special Qualities: including linked blood abilities

Description: A tall man with a predatory stride Ulfjor wears roughly made hunting leathers and a sneer most of the time.

Typical Dialogue:

The Father has spoken, heed his words and not the lies of others

Treachery is punishable by death Gretta, did you think we would not learn of your missive to your sister? She who chains Erik?s children to aid her in raping the land? Kneel and repent or suffer just punishment for bringing Erik?s wrath down upon us all!


Ulfjor was one of the first to follow Father Pais. Ulfjor was a brutal man aimlessly drifting through life from forest to bar and back again before he 'found Erik'. Since his conversion Ulfjor has found life as the mailed fist of Erik?s chosen prophet to be much to his liking ? now he has his pick from the clan maidens and brave men tremble in before him. The vicious forester is frequently used by Father Pais to silence dissenters or punish wrong-doers and thoroughly enjoys his work.

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