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The Impregnable Heart of Haelyn, along with the Orthodox Imperial Temple and the Eastern Temple of Nesirie represent the successors of the Imperial Temple on the Southern Coast. Once allied with these other two temples, the Impregnable Heart broke with the others over the need to have a clear message to the people.

[top]Teaching and Doctrine

The Impregnable Heart of Haelyn is devoted primarily to Haelyn as the patron of Anuire. Haelyn is revered throughout Anuire as a paragon of kingship, courage, chivalry, command of armies, and stern yet merciful justice. The temple teaches that its followers must emulate Haelyn on three principles: courage, honor, and justice.

The Impregnable Heart of Haelyn was once part of the Imperial Temple, and rejects none of the Orthodox Principles championed by the Orthodox Imperial Temple. However, in the wave of reform that followed the teaching of Fitzalan the Blessed, the leaders of the Impregnable Heart found a better way to defend orthodoxy than to rely directly on the Book of Laws. Instead of taking a reactive pose of explaining why some proposed idea was or was not in accordance with the Book of Laws, the Impregnable Heart of Haelyn takes the active step of articulating the three principles of Haelyn - courage, honor, and justice - and advocating for them.


The Imperial Temple was formed just after the ascension of Haelyn, and is the keeper of the Book of Laws which it received on the Day of Holy Justice.

In 305 MR, the city of Ilien regained its independence. The Imperial Temple decided to patronize the new city with the founding of a college. Scholars from Aerele and other colleges in Anuire gathered in Ilien to form this new school, dedicated to the training of priests in the proper rites and rituals as well as the techniques of close textual reading of the Book of Laws. Filled with enthusiasm, they set about their work. They hoped to create an "impregnable heart" for Haelyn's teachings that would promote order, justice, and mercy and prevent error, injustice, and cruelty. This became a motto of the school and those associated with it.

Lehoene Aglondier, eager to build support for his new rule, welcomed the newcomers and helped them acquire land in the city. The Common Ward of Ilien was expanded and the first buildings of the new college were completed in 307 MR. Soon thereafter a new doctrine emerged from Talinie, criticizing the Imperial Temple, its strict orthodoxy and its empty ritual. Scholars and students debated the new doctrines and rejected the teachings of Fitzalan. Most notable among these was Oerwinde Mentier. She argued that the Fitzalan's emphasis on mercy and compassion elevated secondary virtues into primary virtues. Honor, Oerwinde explained, was one of three principle virtues, and mercy and compassion were components of honor, and not the basis for a revolution in Haelyn's temples.

After the schism of Haelyn's faith produced by Fitzalan, and the split of the Northern Imperial Temple from the Imperial Temple, the ruthless reaction of the leadership of the Imperial Temple in Aerele produced a breach with the Holy Order of Haelyn's Aegis over whether to compel submission or seek reconciliation. Blaede Vathormane, the Grand Master of the knights of the Holy Order of Haelyn's Aegis found himself leading the greater portion of what had been the Imperial Temple. The South Coast of Anuire, would not follow the new Haelyn's Aegis.

The enthusiasm of the new school and its influence on the surrounding region made Ilien a bastion of orthodoxy and support for the Imperial Temple. Throughout the south coast, as far as Osoerde, orthodoxy and rigorous suppression of the new ideas triumphed, and the more conciliatory temple, Haelyn's Aegis, was confined to the Heartlands of Anuire and the conquered lands it had evangelized. Because of the powerful arguments for orthodoxy to come from Ilien, the Imperial Temple renamed the College of Ilien the Impregnable Heart of Haelyn. They also sponsored the construction of a great cathedral in the city.

However, the struggle between Haelyn's Aegis and what was the old Imperial Temple had an effect on the Impregnable Heart that would lead to a break between Aerele and Ilien. More and more, the Impregnable Heart and the influential Oerwinde Mentier argued that the message of orthodoxy needed to be focused. Oerwinde's colleague, Trevan Noelon, argued, "In the face of an adversary, one cannot recite the whole Book of Laws and expect acceptance." The leaders in Aerele did not appreciate the need to focus on the errors of one's adversaries. They did demand strict obedience with the hierarchy. The openness of the scholarly debated of the Imperial Temple were a thing of the past. Neither Fitzalan nor Oerwinde would be allowed to criticize the Prelate's doctrine uncontested. For some time, the Impregnable Heart argued that it loved the orthodoxy of the Imperial Temple and denied any criticism of doctrine, just of its tactics in facing Fitzalan and his followers. In this, Oerwinde was in agreement with Blaede Vathormane. Haelyn's Aegis never abandoned Aerele as the authority in rites, worship, or the reading of the Book of Laws. Oerwinde, and the Impregnable Heart, would ultimately reject the claims of orthodoxy coming from Aerele.

In 327 MR, Fitzalan was arrested by the Inquisition of Righteousness and Justice in Aerele. Blaede objected to this move calling it, "the act that will sever the Imperial Temple forever." In Ilien, some thought that the arrest and subsequent execution of the scholar and teacher Fitzalan was a sign from the reactionary forces in Aerele to Oerwinde Mentier that no defiance and disagreement would be tolerated. The fact that the Impregnable Heart had been more successful in winning the hearts and minds of Anuire than the leadership of the Imperial Temple had been was not taken into consideration. Haelyn's doctrine was submission to rightful and legitimate authority. This point was not open to debate in Aerele.

As the Imperial Temple shattered, the faction of the old temple that taught and preached from Aerele became known as the Orthodox Imperial Temple, and their claims to lead a united temple of Haelyn became an obvious fiction.

In winning the arguments against reformers, Oerwinde Mentier had focused her arguments on three principles: courage, honor, and justice. Later on, Oerwinde recognized this as a simplification of Haelyn's complex message. Without rejecting any of the truth of Haelyn's full message, Oerwinde came to believe that the success of her teaching was based on its clarity and simplicity, as all good argument most possess. This lead her to contemplate some simplification of the ritual, calendar, and the teaching of Haelyn, in order to focus on the essential nature of Haelyn's creed.

When Oerwinde published her reform of the ceremonial and the calendar, the Orthodox Imperial Temple issued a writ of inquisition against her. Faced with the excommunication of their leader, the Impregnable Heart of Haelyn rallied in her support and embraced the simplification and focus of the church. In the Confession of Ilien, the Impregnable Heart broke away from the Orthodox Imperial Temple over a set of dueling orthodoxies.

But in eastern Diemed the Impregnable Heart prospered. Even today, priests of the Impregnable Heart boast stories of how they helped the citizens of eastern Diemed wipe out the goblins, and later throw off the yoke of Diemed rule assisting the bandit lord Daen Roesone and his descendants. This was a golden age for the temple as they, with the blessings of the Black Barons who ruled the land, gained a firm hold on Roesone's spiritual life. The Impregnable Heart's success in Roesone culminated when Teried Roesone in 546 MR officially declared the Impregnable Heart of Haelyn the state faith in the barony.

Throughout the east, the Orthodox Imperial Temple's tight grip was weakening as the faith of Ruornil became ascendant in the provinces now known as Medoere. The last remaining influence of the Orthodox temple waned. There was still a strong loyalty to the Orthodox Imperial Temple in Aerenwe, but they were so distant from Aerele that it was prudent that the orthodox holdings in Aerenwe form an eastern temple. When a synod was assembled in Calrie, it became apparent that the priests of Nesirie had much greater influence than those of Haelyn, and the Eastern Temple of Nesirie was the result. Still friendly to the Orthodox Imperial Temple, it remained a rival to the Impregnable Heart of Haelyn. The temples in Ilien still loyal to the Orthodox Imperial Temple joined the Eastern Temple, which remains a sore spot amongst the followers of Impregnable Heart of Haelyn.

The temple flourished in Ilien in the coming years, culminating in 544 MR when the temple MR single-handedly cured a terrible plague that beset the Free City. Following the end of the plague, the wizard regent Moeran Aglondier granted the Impregnable Heart a place in the Castle Ward, where a great cathedral was built in honor of Haelyn the Lawmaker.


Because of the Impregnable Heart's vigor in the recent decades, the temple has gained many enemies as well as several strong allies. The Impregnable Heart holds enmity towards the Orthodox Temple of Diemed for it's continued attempts to win back the region for its own brand of orthodoxy. In Ilien and western Roesone these feelings are returned with equal passion. The Impregnable Heart regards itself as the true source of genuine orthodoxy, and regards the temple in Aerele as a cumbersome, convoluted version of Haelyn's true message.

The church of Ruornil's Celestial Spell has always had some influence in Caercas, which limits the influence of the Haelynite priests residing there who see their influence in this great city limited. In part their rivalry with their fellows in Ilien drives their rivalry with the Celestial Spell, who are their erstwhile allies against the Orthodox Imperial Temple. Keeping the temples in Caercas from angering the Celestial Spell can sometimes seem like a full time occupation in Ilien.

The last rival of the Impregnable Heart is the Eastern Temple of Nesirie, which was once part of the Orthodox Imperial Temple, and still has close relations with them. The Impregnable Heart is pressing the Eastern Temple hard as it considers Ilien its territory and therefore wants to control all worship there. No direct action against the Eastern Temple has occurred however of late. Partly because the Impregnable Heart must respect Nesirie as the wife of Haelyn, many say that she therefore should be allowed to stand at his side. Not all priests in the Impregnable Heart agree with this, however, and rumor has it that the current High Prefect is always planning ways to bring the Eastern Temple around to the Impregnable Heart's views on a number of matters.

The Impregnable Heart of Haelyn maintains good relations with the regents of the surrounding areas, especially the Black Baron of Roesone and the High Marshal Wincae Raenech of the Church of Storm's Height in Osoerde. The latter ally might come as a surprise as Wincae Raenech is the younger brother of the much hated Jaison Raenech. To the Impregnable Heart, however, the High Marshal seems to share only his brother's courage and longing for battle, and not his cruel and unjust ways.

Unlike many of Haelyn's other temples, the Impregnable Heart has stayed fairly moderate, acknowledging the need for other faiths. Countering this attitude is this temple's need to expand.

Various factions advocate for different strategies for the future. Some of these proposals include:
  • Wipe Ruornil's Celestial Spell out of Caercas and fortify all temple holdings near the Medoere border.
  • Drive the Eastern Temple of Nesirie out of Ilien, and encourage the Baron of Roesone to wage a Holy War against Aerenwe (pulling this off definitely requires some good intrigue and diplomacy by the High Prefect but the objective is not, or should not be, impossible).
  • Ally strongly with the High Marshal of the Church of Storm's Height in Osoerde against Aerenwe at first, then the religious orders in Ghoere.
  • Wreak as much havoc as possible in the Orthodox Temple of Haelyn in Diemed.


As the Impregnable Heart has grown in size, it has become necessary to develop a formal structured priestly hierarchy. This hierarchy was invented by the High Prefect Solodin in the year 462 MR.
  1. Prefect, High (unique, level 10+);
  2. Prefect, Sword (unique, level 9+);
  3. Prefect, Shield (unique, level 8+);
  4. Prefect, Radiant (level 7+);
  5. Prefect, Sun (level 6);
  6. Prefect, Wind (level 5);
  7. Prefect (level 3-4);
  8. Friar (level 1-2);
  9. Holy Assistant (level 0).

A noble priest's title is preceded by Lord, e.g. Lord Prefect.

Many lay people also aid the church, where a lay person tends to a shrine they are awarded the title of Shrine Keeper.


Priests of Haelyn are placed throughout the Impregnable Heart temple holdings. Their main task is to evaluate how the local lord is doing. The priests are responsible for the welfare of the people generally and the local lord in particular, church doctrine also advises them to report any events of significance to the High Prefect so that the church as a whole can consider them.

A province regent (ruler of a domain) is mirrored by a priest of a level approx. equal to the number of holdings the Impregnable Heart controls in the domain, i.e. the Baron of Roesone is mirrored by a priest of 7th level as the Impregnable Heart controls 7 holdings in Roesone. Inside the Impregnable Heart, this post earns the priest the same title as the regent preceded by Holy, e.g. Holy Baron.

A count (ruler of a province) is mirrored by a priest whose level approx. equals the Impregnable Heart temple holding level in the province level. This post earns the priest the title of Holy Count.

A mayor is mirrored by a priest whose level depends on the size of the largest settlement. Typically the priest's level is the same as the province level ? perhaps one or two higher. This post earns the priest the title of Holy Mayor.

[top]Tongues of Haelyn

The Tongues of Haelyn is a secret spy order with the purpose of spreading and gathering rumors and information useful to the faith. Although the order's members are allowed and even encouraged to travel throughout Cerilia, most of their activity is concentrated in southern Anuire where the church is based.

[top]Other information

[top]Pathfinder Domains and Subdomains

The following domains and subdomains are granted by the Impregnable Heart of Haelyn:
Glory (Heroism, Honor), Good (Archon, Friendship, Redemption), Law (Judgement, Loyalty), Nobility (Aristocracy), War (Duels)

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Impregnable Heart of Haelyn
Ilien, Ilien (7/0)RA (7)IHH (4)EH (7)RA (0)
ETN (3)
Alamier, Medoere (4/1)SE (3)RCS (4)EH (2)RA(1)
IHH (0)OT (2)
Algael, Osoerde (2/3)JRa (2)IHH (2)DWa (2)Swa (3)
Ghalliere, Osoerde (2/3)JRa (1)IHH (2)GHi (2)SSM (3)
Moergen, Osoerde (2/3)WMo (2)IHH (2)DWa (2)SSM (3)
Abbatuor, Roesone (3/4)MR (1)IHH (2)OT (3)HMA (2)
EH (0)RA (2)
Bellam, Roesone (3/2)MR (2)IHH (3)OT (3)HMA (2)
SG (0)
Caercas, Roesone (4/1)MR (2)IHH (3)EH (2)RA (1)
RCS (1)SG (2)
OT (0)
Duerlin, Roesone (3/2)MR (1)IHH (2)EH (3)RA (2)
Edlin, Roesone (3/2)MR (1)IHH (2)EH (3)HMA (2)
Fairfield, Roesone (3/2)MR (1)IHH (2)SG (3)HMA (2)
OT (0)
Ghoried, Roesone (2/3)MR (1)IHH (1)SG (2)HMA (2)
Abbreviations: IHH=Impregnable Heart of Haelyn (Hubaere Armiendin); MR=Marlae Roesone (Roesone); RA=Rogr Aglondier (Ilien); JRa=Jaison Raenech (Osoerde); WMo=William Moergen; RCS=Ruornil?s Celestial Spell (Suris Enlien); OT=Orthien Tane (Southern Anuire Shipping and Imports); EH=el-Hadid (Port of Call Exchange); SG=Siele Ghoried (Spider River Traders); DWa=Diirk Watershold (Royal Guild of Baruk-Azhik); GHi=Ghorien Hiriele (Highland/Overland Traders); HMA=High Mage Aelies; Swa=The Swamp Mage; SSM=Second Swamp Mage.

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