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County Ghalliere is flat and well watered, but its soil is chalky and not as rich as other provinces. Twenty five manors are found among the downs and fields of the province.
The Count of Ghalliere is Noelon Ansien (MA; Ftr6; Reynir, minor, 14; LG). He has a personal estate of 5 manors, and receives the vassalage of the Monastery of St. Naelyn, dedicated to Haelyn's service. He also bears the direct vassalage of eight knights, including Sir Moerel Danoer, all of whom have one manor.
Lady Aubrae Ghallie (FA; Brd3; Reynir, minor, 17; CG), is the Lady of Brightwater. She is the daughter of the former Count of Ghalliere, Walter Ghallie but upon his death, Raenech passed the County to her older and more experienced cousin Noelon Ansien instead of allowing her to inherit it for her children, as more commonly occurs in such cases. Brightwater Hall oversees three estates as well as the town of Brightwater on Brightwater Lake of the same name. One of her father's vassals, Sir Daeric Lamier (MA; Ftr4; Brenna, tainted, 2; NG) remained vassal to his former liege's daughter, rather than swearing directly to the new Count, even though this actually lowered his position in the pecking order of the nobility.
The other of Ghalliere's Lords is Oeren Valmier, Lord of Northguard. Rumors say that Raenech is starting to build a new castle on land managed by Valmier, to guard the northern boarders of Osoerde, or to serve as a supply post for an invasion of Elinie. Valmier's Falcon's Claw Manor oversees his three manors, and serves as a meeting place for his two vassals: Sir Halmied Balter (2 manors) and Sir Colier Tornil (1 manor).

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