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Arms of GhoriedArms of Ghoried

The most sparsely settled of Roesone?s provinces, Ghoried occupies the north-western corner of the barony and lives under the constant shadow of the Spiderfell, the dark wood ruled by the Spider King Tal-Qazar and his goblin minions. Although most of Ghoried is part of the Spider River valley, its northern reaches are heavily wooded and quite hilly. It is a rugged land with scattered, often isolated farms and more land dedicated to pasture than crops. The homes of its people are often built with personal defence in mind, protected by heavy shutters and ironbound doors.
Count Anchael Denoered (MA; Ftr6/Nbl2; Scion of Anduiras, minor, 22) is charged with protecting the province from the Spider?s goblin raiders and a single unit of archers is based in the town of Thoeren's Landing for this purpose.
The Spider River: Flowing out of the Spiderfell toward the sea, the deep, slow moving waters of the Spider River mark the western border of Roesone. In the spring, it is prone to flooding, and much of Ghoried, Caercas and the western farmlands of Duerlin and Abbatuor are prone to flooding. Wide and deep enough to allow most ocean going vessels, traders often sail their vessels as far north as Proudglaive to gather their cargo.

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