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High Prefect is the title used to denote a the regent of the Impregnable Heart of Haelyn.
The Imperial Temple had several High Prefects, each responsible for maintaining orthodoxy.
The last High Prefect, Oerwinde Mentier promoted orthodoxy from the College of Ilien during the dissolution of Imperial Temple when Fiztalan and Blaede Vathormane broke from the Imperial Temple and established the Northern Imperial Temple and Haelyn's Aegis. Oerwinde's preservation of orthodoxy earned the College of Ilien recognition from the the Imperial Temple which renamed the college the Impregnable Heart of Haelyn. Later, Oerwinde Mentier broke with the Orthodox Imperial Temple over the strategy to best oppose the Principles of Fitzalan and later the Parthenae Doctrine of the Western Imperial Temple. The Orthodox Temple continued to insist on the whole of the Imperial practice unchanged, including the entirety of the Book of Laws, as they had when Fitzalan preached reform.
Oerwinde's colleague, Trevan Noelon, argued, "In the face of an adversary, one cannot recite the whole Book of Laws and expect acceptance." The leaders in the Avelerine Cathedral demanded strict obedience to the hierarchy. The openness of the scholarly debate of the Imperial Temple were a thing of the past. Neither Fitzalan nor Oerwinde would be allowed to criticize the Patriarch's doctrine uncontested. For some time, the Impregnable Heart argued that it loved the orthodoxy of the Imperial Temple and denied any criticism of doctrine, just of its tactics in facing the Principles of Fitzalan. In this, Oerwinde was in agreement with Blaede Vathormane. Haelyn's Aegis never abandoned Aerele as the authority in rites, worship, or the reading of the Book of Laws. Oerwinde, and the Impregnable Heart, would ultimately reject the claims of authority coming from Aerele, and advance the orthodoxy of the Imperial Temple by focusing on the three principles of Haelyn - courage, honor, and justice - and advocating for them with special clarity and vigor.

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