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Arms of AbbatuorArms of Abbatuor

Once part of Aerenwe, Abbatuor was claimed by Daen Roesone when he drove out the bandits and cutthroats who ruled what is now Roesone. The Erebannien, the great forest that stretches along the southern coast of Roesone and Aerenwe, dominates the landscape of this province and most farms and settlements in the province are restricted to a stretch of floodplain along the banks of the Spider River. Several small logging companies controlled by the guilder Orthien Tane log at the edges of the great forest, but the Baroness ensures that none cuts too heavily or deeply into the ancient forest. A small port near the mouth of the Spider River, Abbadiel is home to Roesone?s small fleet of naval vessels, including several small customs vessels and two caravels. Lord-Captain Tael Brosuine (MAn; Ftr 4; unblooded) rules the province for the baroness and also commands a single unit of pikemen based in the province to keep order among the unruly fishermen and sailors.
The Storm Tower: Located along the coast from Abbadiel, near the border of Aerenwe, this ancient tower rises above the rocky cliffs, clearly visible by passing ships, but hard to find when travelling over land. No one knows for sure who build this towering structure, although many believe it to be an ancient elven ruin. Some rumours even talk of a powerful elven wizard who once dwelt in the ruins, and stories are often told about the wealth of treasure and magic that is to be found within the ruins. Several times in recent years adventurers have set out to search for this lost treasure, and while some have returned safely, although none the richer, the rest just vanished, never to be seen again.

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