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Arms of MoergenArms of Moergen

County Moergen is good agricultural land, though a quarter of the land is usually marshland. It contains twenty-eight manors and thirty-one villages.
Jaison Raenech has 'purged rebels' from the province of Moergen several times, levelling entire villages in his quest to root out rebels and outlaws. Those who remain either loathe Raenech and pray for William Moergen's rule, or wish William dead in the hope that they might know some slight security.
Being the Ancestral Home of the Moergen family, it is no wonder that Raenech seized the county by escheat. Later, he promoted a distaff member of the Moergen family, the despised Daene Moergen, to be the new Count of Moergen. Needless to say, this has not made him very popular with the other members of the Moergen family, who still retain their lands. Of course, they know that they will retain them only until it can be proved that they are giving aid and succor to the outlaw William Moergen. The Count's new estate encompasses six manors and the village of Swampsedge. He gave his old estate to his good friend, Sir Pierden Tindier. Another seven manors are enfiefed to knights who owe obedience to the Count.
Baronet Parniel Moergen (MAn; Ftr 6; Anduiras, major, 31; NG), who is William's cousin, retains the family's ancestral home of Moergen Hall. The nearby Moergentown owes its allegiance to the Baronet, who also controls three manors in the area. His and William's two cousins (from different uncles) Vasco Moergen (MAn; Ftr 4; Anduiras, minor, 20; NG) and Onwen Moergen (MAn; Ftr 2; Anduiras, minor, 23; CG) are both vassals of Parniel, and rule two manors each.
Formerly a lordship, Fellwood is now a baronetcy owing direct obedience to the Duke. Trevan Ghonal (MAn; Ftr 3; Masela, tainted, 11; LG) is the Lord of Fellwood. He controls an estate of 4 manors. He and his vassal, Sir Boeric Caligiere, who has 2 manors of his own, are charged with keeping control of the brooding Fellwood, from which undead periodically ravage the local countryside on moonless nights. Another knights has a single fief from Baronet Trevan.

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