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Teried Roesone was the son of Morghan Roesone and Erin Isilviere. Teried predeceased his father. He was married to Misoele Tuor. His children were Marlae Roesone, the current Baroness of Roesone, and Daenal Roesone, the designated heir.
It is the fate of the Isilviere family and the Tuor family to reenact the cursed love affair of Tristan d'Isilviere and Isolde de Tuor. Every generation sees one or two members of these great houses fall in love despite the cool regard each house has for one another, and the love match always ends tragically. Teried met Misoele at the coronation of Soleme Aglondier of Ilien. Her mother, Elaene Tuor, took care to send a chaperon to look after Misoele, but fate intervened. Misoele switched masks with one of her ladies, and fooled her chaperon, and met the dashing Teried on the dance floor. They fell in love despite the outright hostility of the Tuors for the Isilvieres, and despite Elaene Tuor's best efforts, they married. First Marlae was born, then six years later, Daenal. Unfortunatly, Daenal's birth was hard for Misoele, and she died in childbirth.

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