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Arms of DuerlinArms of Duerlin

A boring stretch of gently rolling countryside, dotted with the occasion hill, woodland, or town, is an accurate description of Duerlin. Corn and rye are the most common crops, although several small cherry and apple orchards can be found in the forested plains along the Spider River. Lake Duere, located near the centre of the province, is home to a royal hunting lodge and retreat, more commonly known as the Summer Palace by locals as the baroness's father held court here for up to six weeks every summer.

The small town of Mienem Falls, located near the source of the Mienem River, is the capital of this province and Richard Ritter is its count. The Ritter family is descended from Karl Ritter, a Brecht mercenary and one of Daen Roesone's most loyal lieutenants.

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