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The southwest province of Medoere is called Alamier. Of the three provinces that comprise the realm, Alamier is the most densely populated and cultivated. The province is firmly under the control of the theocracy. The only real problem facing this province is the threat of invasion from the west. Many small towns and villages lie along the roads and trails that wind through the province. The largest and most important of these towns include Alamier, Fort Celestial, Silvertown, Tallow, and Surier. The city of Alamier itself overlooks the Straits of Aerele. With its ports and coastal trade road, Alamier stands as the single most important community in the province. Indeed, it?s a bustling city that opens at dawn and remains active well into the night. The great Temple of the Celestial Spell, the largest temple of Ruornil in Anuire, can be found in this city. The Court of Nine Spells also meets here, and the grand curate makes frequent trips to his palace overlooking the sea.
This province is also the site of the only significant religious presence other than the faith of Ruornil. In the town of Tallow, the Impregnable Heart of Haelyn operates the Shrine of the Heart.
Temple of the Celestial Spell: One of the most beautiful sights in all of Medoere can be found in the coastal city of Alamier. There, rising 40 feet into the turbulent sky and covering an immense area of ground, is the wondrous Temple of the Celestial Spell. The outside of this white stone structure is stark and pure, with great buttresses and tall, narrow windows. A silver crescent moon over the huge main doors marks it as a place dedicated to Ruornil. Its priests belong to Ruornil's Celestial Spell.
Inside, worshippers gather in a great hall whose ceiling is as high as the sky outside. Indeed, visitors have a sense that they have stepped not into a building but into a quiet meadow on a clear, moon-lit night. A gauze covers the windows so that even on a bright, sunny day, only light equal to moon-light filters through.
Medoere Forest: Medoere Forest is the largest woodland area in the province, located near its northern border. It?s also the most widely travelled forest in Medoere, for the woods teem with a variety of wildlife that attracts hunters and trappers. For the most part, all the dangerous creatures have been eliminated from these lush woods, though occasionally a pack of wolves prowls the deepest region.

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