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Ceded to Daen Roesone in 490 MR by Aerenwe in return for peace, Bellam is a rich province, home to the majority of the barony's mines, quarries, and smiths. Guilder Orthien Tane of the Southern Anuire Shipping and Imports controls most of these industries, using bribes, threats, and the occasional murder. Bellam is a hilly province, with some peaks rising more than a thousand feet. The land is rocky and poorly suited for farming, but a few small farms and ranches can be found around Buineridge, in the south of the province.

The largest settlement in the province is the mining town of Gheaden Forge, a bustling industrial town of more than two thousand souls. Count Sedrie Bellamie, ruler of the province, lives in Bellamie castle, located just north of the town of Buineridge. A unit of archers and a unit of pikemen defend the province against invaders, as well as patrol for monsters and bandits.

Tarkal Deeps: Located in an isolated chain of hills close to the border with Roesone?s northern neighbour, Ghoere, is a region of caves, abandoned mines, and ruins know as the Tarkal Deeps. In ancient times these hills were home to a goblin stronghold, and although that fortress was destroyed by the elves centuries before the arrival of humans in Cerilia, the goblins soon returned and plagues both humans and elves until they were finally driven out nearly eight hundred years ago by the armies of Aerenwe. Recently, however, there have been a rash of disappearances and rumours about an army of Orogs, a newly created awnshegh, and even a sinister cult practicing human sacrifice have been running through Bellam.

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