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The Principles of Fitzalan refer to the teachings of Fitzalan the Blessed, founder of the Northern Imperial Temple.
The Principles of Fitzalan regard Haelyn primarily as the patron of Anuire. This sect takes no issue with the understanding of Haelyn as a paragon of kingship, courage, chivalry, military command, and stern yet merciful justice. But this doctrine calls on each individual to emulate Haelyn in their own conduct as a defender of the innocent and laborer for the good of the whole community.
Deeply committed to the teachings of Haelyn which he would espouse in this doctrine, Fitzalan the Blessed, preached a spiritual message of humility, grace, and stewardship combined with an guide to personal conduct that emphasized work and fatalistic submission to the world as it is. Fitzalan had come from the knightly class and his message was an evolution from Haelyn's teachings of chivalry and service, so had a natural appeal to the nobility. His guide to living by the law of Haelyn also appealed to the lawpriests as well
Like most doctrines of Haelyn, the Principles of Fitzalan holds that a society can thrive only by adhering to a strict rule of law. However, it was Fitzalan's principle message that the law is empty without the temperance of mercy. As such, this doctrine has always taught mercy has essential to an understanding of justice. Many priests who profess the Principles of Fitzalan are Neutral Good. While they embrace the nobility and the law, they require that true justice is based on reflection of what is right, not a rigid devotion to the letter of the law. Mercy, Fitzalan believed, was a deliberate act.
Likewise, this doctrine teaches that laws exists to regulate a person's temptations to place his own needs before those of society as a whole. In this they are in common with many other sects of Haelyn. But the Principles of Fitzalan has elaborated on this through Fitzalan's demanding work ethic. Fitzalan saw work as a method of establishing the self discipline to lead a moral life. The benefits of labor nearly always extend beyond one's own advantage and help the broader society. Fitzalan saw the errors in the Othodoxy of the Imperial Temple, their rigid interpretations of doctrine, their emphasis on rituals, and their attachment to an unchanging function for each individual as a spiritual laziness. Justice is based on reflection of what is right, after all, and this requires the labor of the mind and heart to achieve a right end. Blind obedience to a code created by other men is a stagnation of the law and produces errors.
The Principles of Fitzalan were explained and popularized by Janna Many-Tongued through her tireless preaching and her book, the Aromatic Scriptures. This work tended to make explicit certain ideas from neighboring Rjurik lands. Long had the northwest of Anuire been a cultural contact zone with the Rjurik people and a great deal of cultural contact is evident there. As such, the Principles of Fitzalan tend to impose duties for its followers to care not only for community, for for nature as well. Fitzalan himself used many agricultural and natural metaphors in his teachings, but Janna many tongued explained Fiztalan's spiritual message in terms of sweet smelling flowers, using the principles of gardening as a softer way to explain the virtues of work and the rewards of labor, and by using a symbolism of flowers to explain the various principles of the spiritual message.
Many practitioners of the Principles of Fitzalan are also adherents to the doctrine of Holn's Companionship.
The Principles of Fitzalan are a criticism of the Orthodox Principles.

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