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Located along the eastern border of the Barony of Roesone, Edlin is a province dominated by farmland and prime grazing land. In the east rises the Delaen Hill, which mark the border of the province and the beginning of the kingdom of Aerenwe. The marshland known as the Elvenmeres covers nearly a third of the province, fed by the Aewende, Mienem, and Black rivers. All three rivers combine at the Elvenmeres and eventually flow into the Spider River.
Like in Duerlin, the guilder el-Hadid, master of the Port of Call Exchange, dominates the livestock and farming industries of this province. He also owns the largest horse stable in Roesone, located just outside the provincial capital, Delaen Gap. The largest temple is the Abbey of the True Heart, a monastery dedicated to teaching and recording the history of Anuire.
Harald Bjording, one of Daen Roesone?s chief lieutenants, founded the town of Delaen Gap. He was sent to protect against an invasion from Aerenwe that never came, and was later gifted the land by the Black Baron. Sven Bjording (MRj; Ftr5; Unblooded) is his great-grandson and the current count of the province.
The Elvenmeres: Located in western Edlin, where three rivers join to become the Black River, the Elvenmeres is a region of marshland and quiet pools of deep water. Home to thousands of birds, fish, and even the occasional ghost, the marsh is a popular hunting ground for Roesone?s nobles, although rumours of ghosts and witches keep most of the locals away.
The Moundfell: An ancient burial ground and the source of numerous stories about ghosts, undead, and other shadow world beings, the Moundfell is located somewhere in the Delaen Hills, along the border with Aerenwe. Difficult to find during the day, and almost impossible during the night, the Moundfell is rumoured to hold the body of a long-dead Deretha king, who was buried with a powerful magical weapon carried north by his family from Aduria as the Andu tribes fled before Azrai?s legions.

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