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The heart of Roesone, Caercas is the largest and most densely population of the barony's seven provinces. A rich farming province, Caercas's gently rolling countryside provides a wealth of meat, wool, and leather to the markets in Proudglaive, the capital of Roesone. This farming wealth also fuels fierce competition between the Barony's major guilds. El-Hadid, the Khinasi trader from Ilien, dominates the livestock and farming trade, while the Spider River Traders own most of the caravans and ships that transport Roesone goods to markets in the Imperial City and beyond. Even Orthien Tane, the most sinister of Roesone's guilders, is attempting to gain control of some portion of Caercas's wealth. The only province in Roesone not to be ruled by a vassal lord, Caercas is under the direct control of Marlae Roesone. However, most of the day-to-day affairs of the province are run by her castellan, Lord Traese Noelon (MA; Ftr6; Scion of Basaïa, minor, 13), a quiet and competent man who believes that when he's doing his job right, people ought to forget that he's there.

Caercas is also the most heavily defended province, host to four units of the Roesone army, include a unit of infantry, one of pikemen, as well as the sole artillery unit and Roesone's most powerful division, a unit of knights.

Proudglaive: Named for those who gave their lives so that the barony may live free of its corrupt Diem masters, Proudglaive is a city of ten thousand citizens. The largest city in the barony, Proudglaive is home to many specialised occupations not found elsewhere, such as scribes, bookmakers, glaziers, jewellers and the like. It is also home to several extensive markets, controlled by the guilders, where the produce of Roesone's rich farmland is bought and sold.

Proudglaive is also a port city, located on the deep Spider River, and even large ocean-going vessels can be seen tied up at its wharves. Michael Agnelie (MA; Nbl2; Unblooded), is the city's lord mayor, although he reports to the castellan in nearby Blacktower Castle.

Blacktower Castle: The home of the Roesone family, this strong castle sits on a tall crag overlooking the city of Proudglaive. Constructed from a local variety of black granite and built on a base of almost solid rock, Blacktower is an impressive keep that has stood firm against more than one invader over the past eighty years. The rocky hill it sits on is known as Highcastle, or Caercas in Old Andu, and gives its name to the royal province. The hill has long been used as the site of forts and castles and several ruins are found near Blacktower. It is also rumoured that the castle is built over an extensive network of caves, and that successive barons have expanded these caves into vaults and storehouses.

Greatbridge: Near the southern border of the province, this small town marks the spot where engineers hired by the empire tried to bridge the Spider River more than six hundred years ago. The spring floods proved too great an obstacle to overcome and the attempt was abandoned leaving behind the town and a line of stone piers. Today, the only way across the wide expanses of the Spider River are two ferries, one in the north of Abbatuor province and the other in Ghoried province.

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