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The province of Aerele lies nestled underneath the mountains of Bliene. From the west the province is quite hilly, with the hills gradually becoming lower and gentler further east and north. The coastline to the strait of Aerele marks the southern border of the province. The land gradually flattens and rises as one approach the coast, abruptly disappearing over a series of impressive cliffs stretching along most of the coast. The places where one can easily access the beaches below the cliffs are few, and one can be certain a fishing village will be located there.
The only major interruption in the cliffs of Aerele is the Bay of Aer. This impressive cut into the province is a prime location for both commercial and military purposes. It is an easily defended site, with good protection from the elements and deep enough to give large enough ships access. Not surprisingly on can find the capital of Diemed, the City of Aerele, at the end of the bay.
The only river of notice in the province is the Aer River. It creeps through the province from its origins in the hills of south-eastern Ciliene and comes out into the bay passing through the city. It is not a large river, only carrying the rain falling in the province itself and from parts of the north side of the Bliene Mountains.
Aerele, while the home to a considerable number of people, is a rather sparsely populated province. Outside of the city there is a significant distance between the towns. What makes up the majority of the area is individual manors surrounded with huge areas covered with olive groves or wine ranks.


Aerele is the home province of the Duke and the City of Aerele is the capital of the duchy. It is the largest single city in the duchy, and harbors many of the most important institutions in the realm. The city has a history stretching back to the beginning of the human settlement on Cerilia, and the ancient buildings and monuments are numerous.
Even though the city is both an important center of government and trade, and has a relatively wealthy population, there is a striking atmosphere of decay and lack of maintenance. During the reign of the dukes during the centuries after the fall of the empire there has gradually been less and less people living in the city. Large areas of the city, especially further up the river and on the northern side of town, are to a large extent depopulated. This is not surprising as the number of people living in the city is now less than a third of what it was five centuries ago.
There has been a certain improvement the last couple of years, but even this effort can only go so far as to revitalize a depleted city. The only areas that can be said to resemble what the city used to be its height is Caer Aerele and surrounding holdings of the duke, the quarters of the most influential noble families, and the mansions at the top of the merchants quarter.
Aerele is also hosts to the Avelerine Cathedral. This is the oldest cathedral dedicated to the worship of Haelyn, and the home of the sacred Book of Laws. Some of the oldest monasteries are also located in the province, some of which go back to the days even before Deismaar.


Aerele is quite void of any other large towns except of the City of Aerele. The only other of importance is the garrison town of Maerilen. This small town of 1000 inhabitants is located on the southern trade route close to the border with Ciliene. Nestled between two largish hills, the town controls the passage along this route. On each side of the valley is a strong keep commanding a clear field of vision over the approaching road. With a modest garrison here it is possible to stop a significantly larger army, forcing them to either make a costly assault or a lengthy detour though the hills to the north.
The garrison is usually about 200 men, charged with controlling the passage along the trade route and to ensure that it is safe to use. In addition it is their responsibility to patrol the area and ensure it is free of bandits and other dangers. For the last few generations the town has been under House Shaeme, and the current garrison commander is Ser Cedric Shaeme, nephew of Lord Shaeme.
The town has little else of importance. The majority of its agricultural produce is consumed by the garrison, with only a meager export of citrus passed on to the City of Aerele. The craftsmen in the town are also closely linked to the town's military inhabitants, with a few good smiths and horse traders. There are also a disproportionate number of alehouses and taverns frequented by friendly young ladies looking for soldiers with spare silver.
Another effect of the garrison?s presence is a slight inflation of prices. With silver to spend in the town the cost of ale, wine and whatever services a young soldier would want cost more here than what it might in a similar town elsewhere. This has caused some resentment in the past, but the locals generally get around this by bartering with whomever of their neighbors produce the mentioned goods. This is of course done without the knowledge of the local authorities, as it could easily be considered tax evasion under the strict laws of Diemed.

[top]Sites and features

One of the most interesting sites in Aerele is the Twin Lighthouses. These stand on either side of the entrance to the Bay of Aer, and guide ships passing through the Strait of Aerele to the safe passage into the harbor. They are examples of the best of Anuirean engineering known, and attract considerable attention from all who pass nearby. They are in disuse now, as they have for the last centuries. Still they stand proudly and don?t appear to be anywhere close to falling apart, a testimony to their quality and strength.
The Southern Trade Route passes through Aerele. It comes from Ciliene at the town of Maerlien in the west, and passes through the City of Aerele and continues on to the east into Duene. There are inns and tavern located closely along its length, so there is no need of sleeping outside. The highway is in good repair and sees quite heave use in both directions.


The province of Aerele is ruled directly by the Duke. In older days it used to be under House Jheron, but during a bitter civil war following the death of Alandier Diem at Moonstrike Keep the Jherons chose the wrong side. Never a large house the last of their line was killed by Heirl Diem?s faction during the war. There are still rumors that some members of the House escaped and there are certainly some descendants of House Jheron that married into other houses still alive.
Other nobles of note in the province include the ancient House Shaeme. They have most of their holdings in the province, and also hold many important positions. House Faehrel also comes from Aerele, and their manors produce some of the most exclusive wines in Anuire.
There are rumors of an old hermit living in the southern of the Twin Lighthouses to be an ancient wizard. Those who claim to have seen him tell stories of all sorts of animals and beast following his command. If this is true there is only a matter of time before some reckless young adventurer tries to search the tower for whatever treasures the wizard can have hidden there - and wiser heads know that wizards rarely suffer such intrusions kindly.

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