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The Book of Laws, Haelyn's most sacred text, appeared in the first temple of Haelyn, the Avelerine Cathedral, on the 6th of Pasiphiel. Each year, the priesthood spends this Day of Holy Justice in contemplation of Haelyn?s laws, considering how the simple laws of the book should be interpreted (each church of Haelyn has a different interpretation of the same text) and the lessons to be learnt from the god's clear instructions and how these should be spread to the faithful (traditionally by twenty pages of detailed text for each line of Haelyn's instructions in the words of infamous playwright Riegon 'The Blasphemer' ).
Nobles also tend to commemorate this day, which provides the theological backing for their rule, although they tend more towards feasting than contemplation. Some nobles such as Prince Darien Avan of Avanil have made a practice of hearing appeals against a law or suggestions for a new law on this day. This 'popular rule' is disdained by some other regents such as Duke Aeric Boeruine and Baron Gavin Tael, each of whom thinks that it "confuses the masses" and "proves that Prince Avan is unfit to rule the Anuirean Empire - should any have mistakenly thought otherwise".

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