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Arms of FairfieldArms of Fairfield

A region of gently sloping plains and scattered farmland along the Roesone's northern border, Fairfield?s apparent calm is deceptive. Strategically important, as it provides a route directly into the heart of Roesone, no less than four major wars have been fought in this province over the past eighty years. The gaze of Roesone?s expansionist northern neighbour Ghoere often turns toward the barony?s rich farmlands and the people of Fairfield have been organised into well-trained militias to fight off any invasion. Surprisingly, only a single unit of the barony?s archers protects the province, but reinforcements from Bellamie and Blacktower Castle can quickly be sent to protect the province. Several trained scouts based near the border at the Casiere Freehold are occasionally called to active service by the Baroness when Ghoere?s armies come a little too close to the border.
The walled town of Fairfield is the county seat. Founded more than four hundred years ago, over the years it has attracted many settlers seeking their own lands, away from the taxes and war of other lands.
Daerin Isilviere rules the province for his father, the Count, Vaesin Isilviere. He is descended from Derian Isilviere, a cadet branch of a Taeghan noble family, who convinced his father to bankroll many of Daen Roesone?s adventures and was rewarded with the province after Daen?s victory over Diemed.

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