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The Orthodox Principles regard Haelyn as the Lawmaker. Haelyn is revered throughout Anuire as a paragon of kingship, courage, chivalry, military command, and stern yet merciful justice. The temple teaches that its followers that Haelyn established a social order for the good of all his people and that the role of everyone is obedience to this order. This order includes a dual hierarchy of priests and nobles. Its rituals, rites, and forms of worship are very traditional and look and feel much as they did during the Imperial Temple.
The doctrine of the Orthodox Principles is based primarily on the Book of Laws, the sacred text of Haelyn, read closely using sophisticated textual methods. The centrality of the Book of Laws, interpreted by skilled textual analysts, supersedes all other teachings and interpretations. Other sects may consult other texts as key commentaries on Haelyn's intentions in the Book of Laws, or they may use other interpretive methods to read it.
As taught in the Book of Laws, civil society, laws, and culture are a mark of civilization. Haelyn is the Lord of Rulership, and thus it is the duty of his faithful to establish a civilized society with clear, just laws to guide it. By this observation of laws and dispensation of justice, adhered to by all people in the society, Haelyn can be honored more fully. Just as nobles are created and ordered as part of a just, lawful society, so likewise are religious ceremonies and rituals are a mark of a cultured society and thus a great civilization. Such ceremonies demonstrate the greatness of Haelyn, uplifting the spirits of the faithful and as a result increasing their religious fervor, driving them on to greater deeds in Haelyn's honor. Priests preserve and employ the rites and rituals described in the Book of Laws for the benefit of all the people.
The Orthodox Principles stress Haelyn as the lawmaker, the arbitrator of the actions that the righteous can take and the sole foundation of law in the empire. Laws exist in the view of the church to control the 'bestial, solitary' urges in the hearts of all men, order can in turn only be preserved if all accept the social order and their place in it ? those of lowly status who seek to rise above their station are, in the eyes of the church, every bit as evil as those of high status who fail to maintain the honor of their station.
There is a division in those who claim the Orthodox Principles, between those who prefer to take them in total, as found in the Book of Laws, and those in the Impregnable Heart of Haelyn, who accept all of the doctrine of the Orthodox Principles, but insist that confronting other doctrines requires articulating the three principles of Haelyn - courage, honor, and justice - and advocating for them with special clarity and vigor.
The Orthodox Principles became much more rigid after being challenged by the Principles of Fitzalan

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