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Algael is mostly unsuited to agriculture, over half of the land being inundated nearly all year. The province contains twenty-four estates, three additional villages, and a seigneurial town.
Some of the folk of Algael fled to Aerenwe after Laile O' the harp, a noted bard and wit was crucified for offending the dignity the crown. Those peasants who remain are amongst the most cowed folk in Osoerde.
The Count of Algael is Gavin Algael (MA; Ftr 3; Re, tainted, 8; LG), whose demesne includes five manors and the seigneurial town of Calbridge on the Berendor River. Gavin also has rights of support from the Monastery of Heart's Honor, a monastery of Haelyn near Count Gavin's lands. The Count's most trusted vassal is Sir Moerel Valmet, who has 2 manors. Three other knights also have fiefs directly from the Count.
There are two Baronets in County Algael, who hole their lands directly from the Duke of Osoerde, the first of whom is the Baronet of Rivermarsh, one Landen Jariet, who controls three manors from his Rivermarsh Hall. His vassals include Sir Caern Taurele (MA; Ftr 3; Ba, tainted, 7; LG) with two manors, who is also the Sheriff of Algael; and Sir Aeric Thoralinar (MA; Ftr 2; Ba, tainted, 4; LN) who has one manor and serves Baronet Landen as Bailiff when he is away. A fourth estate is currently vacant and held by the count until Baronet Landen enfiefs a new tenant.
The other Baronet is Caelan Haniere of Greenreach, who has 3 manors. His vassals include Sir Lauriel Bireon and Sir Robaere Caliele, both of which have 2 manors.

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