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Masela was the Lady of the Seas, patron of the sea-faring Masetian people and all those who lived on the bounty of the seas. She embodied the dualism of the sea (both change and stability) and favored those who lived a good, rather than a proper life. When Azrai turned his attention to Cerilia, Masela's people sailed to defend Cerilia at Deismaar in vast numbers. So mighty was the force sent that Azrai was forced to summon great beasts and send them against the Masetian armada lest the Masetians defeat his armies of Beast-men and shatter his dreams of conquest. The loyalty and courage of the Masetian people in answering the call of their goddess was however ultimately their downfall, the Masetians were annihilated at Deismaar and the Basarji soon crushed the few warriors who had stayed to defend the Sun Coast.

Masela fought Azrai at Deismaar and died defending her people from the great fires he sought to rain down upon them. Her high priestess Nesirie took on Masela's mantle as protector of the Masetian people, but they were destroyed before she came truly into her power and Nesirie is known as the Lady of Mourning for the grief she bears to this day.

Masela considered the dolphin, the otter and the albatross sacred.

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