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Alamier (Large Town): Conventional, nonstandard; AL CG, CN; 3,000 gp limit; Assets 475,500 gp; Population 3,170; Anuirean (96% human, 2% halfling, 1% dwarf, 1% other races).
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[top]The Districts of the City

The town can roughly be described by four districts, the Civic Quarter, Temple Quarter, the Merchant's Quarter, and the Docks. The city comprises 52 acres, so each block is roughly 1.6 acres and is full of buildings, minor roads, streets, and alleys.

[top]Civic Quarter

The Civic Quarter (5 blocks) faces the sea from a hill near the coast. There is a block of government buildings, including the Mayor's Hall and the Courthouse on top of the hill. Adjacent to this is a block of fine services who serve the government, such as scribes, paper makers, and a cartographer, and the fine trades who serve the nobles. Along the sea the nobles have fine villas and estates occupying one square. Behind them, officials and other leading figures have smaller, but still fine, houses in two squares. This area is dominated by the Mayor and town government.

[top]Temple Quarter

framed|College of Medoere

The Temple Quarter (7 blocks) lays further inland behind the Civic Quarter. Two squares are occupied by the College of Medoere, students, and a few average trades and services that cater to scholars and students. One block is occupied by the Temple of the Celestial Spell. Another two blocks are occupied by residences of the priests, professors, and others who inhabit the temple and college by day. The final two blocks include trades and services for travelers and entertainment. This district is dominated by the Temple of the Celestial Spell.

[top]Merchant's Quarter

The Merchant's Quarter contains 9 blocks divided into the Craft District, the Market District, and the Traveler's District. The Merchant's quarter is divided between the Port of Call Exchange and the Southern Anuire Shipping and Imports. Most of the better shops, roughly a third in total, favor Port of Call, while the other two-thirds favors Southern Anuire Shipping.
The Craft District (4 blocks) is composed mostly of average trades. Residences occupy space above shops where work is done by day. The crafts themselves are typical, 80% average, 10% fine, and 10% poor, but the services and food as well as a few trades cater to the local residents and are 50% average and 50% poor.
The Market District (3 blocks) is composed mostly of shops, stalls, and carts that sell things from elsewhere, be it the countryside or the distant Sun Coast. Fruit, flour, fresh bread, Khinasi spices, Rjurik embroidery, and other objects are for sale here. 60% of the goods here are average, 30% are fine, and 10% are poor. When the stalls are carts come off the street at night, the avenues are wide open. Homes occupy second and occasionally third stories above street level.
The Traveler's District (2 blocks) caters to merchants and such travelers. The food, lodging and entertainment is slightly better than average overall. 70% Average, 20% fine, 10% poor. This area is alive at night and includes taverns, a theater, street performers, and brothels. Local merchants can be found here as well spending the days earnings.

[top]The Docks

The Docks contain 11 blocks which can be described as The Waterfront, the Warehouse District, The Red Light District, and The Bottoms. The Docks is divided more evenly between the Port of Call and Southern Anuire Shipping, though Port of Call has a stronger hold. The poor sections are dominated by Port of Call.
The Waterfront (4 Blocks) is composed of docks, a small shipyard, and the facilities for loading and unloading ships. During the day its is busy and bustling as fishermen and merchants unload their wares. At night the docks are deadly dangerous and anyone about should rightly fear for their lives.
The Warehouse District (4 blocks) includes mostly warehouses of goods waiting to be loaded or recently off loaded from ships, but not yet in the market place. In addition, a few services, such as teamsters, and trades, such as wheelwrights, also make their way here. Few live in the Warehouse District, though some do who work here, especially in trades. This neighborhood is reasonably well guarded by the guilds who post their own men to protect their wares.
The Red Light District (3 blocks) includes taverns, travel goods and services, gambling, prostitution, bawdy and rowdy theater, hard drink and even harder drink, as well as gray-market, black market, and off-market goods and services. The thieves guilds are located here. Buildings displaying a red lantern are entitled by city law to regulation and supervision by the guilds rather than the law. Generally this means some kind of criminal activity occurs there. The city does not patrol this area, but the guilds look out for things and ruthless suppresses all crime that isn't of their own doing. Trades and services here are mostly poor (60%), while the other 40% is divided between average quality and high quality versions of poor trades and services.
The Bottoms (4 blocks) is row upon row of cramped, dirty apartments and row houses. Those who labor here in the poor (67%) and average (33%) shops occupy clean, if small and poor rooms. Others, not so lucky, live in rotting squalor invested with vermin. Every summer various plagues and contagions spread from the Bottoms and infect others in the city. A quarantine of the city for several weeks at a time is not uncommon during the worst of it. Fire is another constant problem here. Both guilds mostly ignore this section as there is no profit here.

[top]Power in the City

The Guilds elect a Mayor who takes office when confirmed by the Temple of Celestial Spell. The current Mayor, Calgris Tallow was a compromise that has satisfied everyone. He worships Sarimie and has worked in the guilds before, but he follows the Berhagen school which teaches the unity between Sarimie and Ruornil. He looks out for the guilds, but doesn't let them run wild.
Mayor Calgris has influence throughout the city, but his influence is generally operating at the highest guild levels in the city, and as such the guilds run their own affairs in town, subject to the mayor's limits.

[top]History of the City

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