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Caerwil is the largest and least settled of Medoere?s provinces. Its proximity to the Spiderfell and the influence exerted by Guilder Kalien makes it home to brigands and raiding monsters that prey upon the hapless peasants. The storms of the Spiderfell rage dangerously close, making the land darker and wetter than either of the southern provinces. Ancient woodlands and old ruins dot the region near the Spiderfell.
The largest towns include Caerwil, North Landing, Moon Port, and Mill Landing. The capital, the town of Caerwil itself is located in the northwestern corner of the province, near the borders of both Diemed and the Spiderfell. Here, traders and artisans belonging to Guilder Kalien?s Heartlands Outfitters ply their trades. A well armed garrison of 300 militia guard the town. While Ruornil?s Celestial Spell runs the administration of the rest of the realm, it is the independent town councils and militia captains that run this province, and they answer to Guilder Kalien.
Moonstrike Keep: In the south-western corner of the province, in a stretch of land between rising hills called Tieren Pass, the ancient but newly restored Moonstrike Keep protects this natural passage from Diemed to Medoere. Little more than crumbling ruins eight years ago, Suris Enlien and her supporters chose it as the place to make their stand against Diemed?s troops. Today, the refurbishments are nearly complete and Moonstrike is a level 4 castle. Medoere?s best troops train here and a detachment of scouts makes its base at the castle, keeping a close eye on events across the border.
Goblincairn: Goblincairn is hidden in the hills of central Medoere, just above Caerwil?s southern border. Here, four pillars of piled stones climb toward the cloud-filled sky. Each stone looks more like a petrified giant skull than a simple block of shaped stone. Markings on the pillars have been identified as the writings of the ancient goblin nations, hence the name of the site. The place has an air of evil about it, though perhaps this is generated by the band of trolls who stalk the surrounding hills. The trolls appear to consider the site to be sacred ground.

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