Moonstrike Keep

The Moonstrike Keep protects the Tieran Pass in Caerwil, a stretch of land between rising hills, a natural passage from Medoere to Diemed.
An ancient structure, it was in a ruined state until 543 MR when Suris Enlien and her followers chose to use it to face the forces coming from Diemed.
It was here that the miracle of Ruornil and Suris Enlien happened, when moonfire rained down to Diemed's army, forced them away in retreat and freed Medoere from Diemed's rule.
Restoration has since been done on the keep and it houses 150 knights under the command of Konour, Patriarch of the Seventh Spell, protecting Tieran Pass and the nearby farms. Today, the refurbishments are nearly complete and Moonstrike is a level 4 castle. Along with the knights, a detachment of scouts makes its base at the castle, keeping a close eye on events across the border.

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