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This page originally consists of the work of Lt. Murgen, published on the Birthright forum.

[top]Notes on by Lt. Murgen

My D&D group is currently running a campaign in Cerilia, and our adventures have taken us into Khinasi lands. During the Christmas haitus, I did some research and developed a fairly extensive cultural background for the Khinasi. I post it here for people to review and comment on.
Design notes: Inspiration was taken from the Moorish culture of Spain, The Ottoman Empire, and The Persian Empire. For naval and shipping information, it was taken from Chinese ship styles. Much of the legal codes of the Khinasi were adaptations of Zoroastrian beliefs. Some of it was direct copies from other websites. As such, I claim no credit for the research and publishing of these ideas.


9 values drive the Khinasi culture. Everything unique to their society stems from one of these values. Different areas of the Khinasi lands value each one greater or lesser depending on history, geography, and philosophy. Khinasi society expects these values to be represented by every single person on a daily basis. The sum total of how these values are shown is referred to as Sayim, or ?face.? Sayim is how one is seen in the community. It is a reflection of both current actions and past deeds of both the individual and the Family.

[top]The Nine virtues

[top]Other aspects of Khinasi culture

[top]Wikifyer's note

By AndrewTall.
Like all cultures honor and grace are more often known by their absence than by their presence. As such the notes describe the state of culture that the Khinasi aspire too - not that in which they necessarily live. They are therefore the sort of document that would have been given to a noble Anuirean ambassador by the Khinasi court to which the ambassador is to be resident that the ambassador might familiarize themselves with Khinasi ways and avoid giving offense.
The Khinasi, like the other two 'civilised tribes' (the Anuirean and Brecht) have to deal with the dififculties of densely populated areas, the Khinasi however suffer this to a degree beyond even that of the Brecht, Khinasi lands often see great tracts of near empty land with the population focused around a handful of cities. As such the need to constrain oneself is almost over-powering - constant proximity to others forces elaborate social codes and the avoidance of imposing ones 'issues' on others are necessary to preserve society. This does not mean that the Khinasi are any less greedy or selfish than other human cultures - however they are far more likely to conceal even seething hatred beneath a pleasant mask of manners and courtesy than any other culture, this often leads to prolonged feuds and intricate vengeance. If a Vos or Rjurik has grievance with someone who has offended them it is aired and typically resolved almost immediately. If a Khinasi has a grievance against someone, the first sign that the offending party knows of the grievance might in extreme cases) be the dagger in their back years later after their business has been ruined and family driven to declare the offending party outcast...
Rather than edit Lt. Murgen's stuff to death when wikifying it to make it 'even handed', an observation banner has been placed on the documents and edits limited to pedantry and links.
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