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Forestmarch is the land where two mighty rivers merge, the Zha´nge River and Tsongya River. It is also exposed to occasional attacks by Tarvan Waste raiders, the favour returned in the same measure by the Kozlovs. After the fall of Medec part of the land in this zhupa was granted to the River Wolves, a group of warriors who raided down the Tsongya and Zha´nge rivers. Their descendants still resemble their ancestors in bravery, toughness and fierceness. Forestmarchers always had special treatment in Kozlovnyy because of their role as border and river guards. The capital of the province is a large siech located on small part of the land between forest of Innishiere and mouth of the Zha´nge and the Tsongya. Chelnik of the siech is Radgost Mistislav (MVo, Bnb10; An minor 16, CN) the "wolf of Zha´nge", and he is the true ruler of the province as his warriors fiercely loyal to him. Most of the warriors are followers of Belinik's teaching but their loyalties are with their chelnik and he is loyal to young Voivod. The eastern part of the zhupa consists of fertile plains dotted with the grain fields. Most of the grains produced and goods raided on the Zha´nge are sold to Emir bin Nassir (MKh, Rog 4, N), a representative of Gradny Coster. Small berserker lodges of the River Wolves exists and they scheme to take over control of province. Forestmarch is considered part of the Voivodas feud so there was never a Zhupan. Instead most of administrative duties are left to the chelnik of a siech.

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