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Tsongya Vale zhupa is one of the richest provinces in the country. The Tsongya River flows through the center of the zhupa, so it fields are always irrigated and harvests are fruitful. The only thing that is slowing its progress is the constant fear of elves and Molochev raiders.

This zhupa is one of the strongholds of the torva Vos, and the zhupan is ally of Pyerun Chernevik and many warriors will rise against the voivod on his call. The only supporters of Voivod's faction are boyar Svevlad Rostislav (MVo, Ftr5; Az, minor 18, NG) whose lands are located on the western bank of Tsongya River and the merchants of Northern Traders Guild, who are aware of what will happen to the trade if the torva Vos took control of the country. Zhupan of the Highvale is wicked and ambitious old man named Mutimir Zmijanev ( MVo, Ftr3/Rog4;Br minor 12,NE), he climbed to his rank trough duels, blackmails, poison and scheming and his ambition fuels him to go further, for that he needs a pact with Pyerun Chernevik.

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