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Gradny is the zhupa where the new capital, Gradny is located. As the new capital of Kozlovnyy, Voivod Vladimir Nikailov holds his court here and it is also the base of operations for Halimah el-Nasib, guild master of Gradny Coster. The city itself is best example of Khinasi influence among the Vos with its huge bazaars and rich palaces.
A group of young torva nobles and commoners has founded an underground "berserker lodge" and a hidden temple of Belinik in the town of Livnetsk on the Zha´nge River. Their ultimate goal is to assassinate the Voivod and fuel an uprising in order to cleanse the province of the foul Khinasi.
Indeed the province is divided, with the city of Gradny divided between the Vos and a small Khinasi majority, and the countryside being almost entirely Vos. Even within the city, there is considerable resentment by many Vos for the Khinasi, even the nona Vos are not beyond animus towards the prosperous Khinasi. Much of this hostility is directed towards the Fiery Dawn of Avani and results in a significant presence of the Temple of Might even in the province made wealthy by trade and full of the wonders and benefits of Khinasi society. The influence of the temple of Avani and the Khinasi Vizier, Arman Hazaran in the court of the Voivod and fears of secret domination by a cabal of Khinasi merchants and priests is a persistent source of tension fanned by torva Vos.

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