Ras Medecin

Zha´nge ValleyKozlovnyyRas Medecin
framed|Arms of Ras Medecin

Ras Medecin or "Medecian Forest" in Basarji, is most northern zhupa and it borders Kal Kalathor and Cwmb Bheinn. This was hunting ground of old Medecian nobility, and now it is only Avanian zhupa in northern Kozlovnyy. Zhupan Boris Cherninsky ( MVo,Ftr 5; LE) is supporter of torva movement, but his subjects follow the path of Avani, led by Una Svyatislavich ( FVo, Pr 4 of Avani; Ba tainted 6 LG) imam from lesser boyar family from Gradny. Disorder between Zhupan and his boyars and the people is growing deeper every day, the bloodshed is in horison. As there is not enough trouble, the hunters bring stories of goblin tracks in woods.

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