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Horstmarch was a colony of Müden in the lands now known as Molochev.
1140 HC Tsarevic Basil Zariyatam united the Vos tribes and defeated the Free League of Brechtür at the battle of Lake Ladan. Brecht forces fled north and west, strengthening Müden and Grevesmühl. The Vos overran the realms now known as Rzhlev and were pushing forward in Berhagen and Horstmarch. The forces of Müden counterattacked, driving the Vos out of Berhagen and negotiate an uneasy peace.
Until just over three centuries ago, the Vos lived on the surface lands of Kal Kalathor, but living there meant constant war with the goblins who lived below. With the collapse of the Empire, the Brecht realm of Horstmarch and the Khinasi realm of Medec were left to their own defenses. These realms proved very tempting since they meant an end to the constant war with the goblins and the booty of civilized realms. The realm of Horstmarch had a very small population, many of which were descended from Imperial veterans. The Vos overran it quickly and settled the lands as Molochev.

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