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Aziev is the former capital of Kozlovnyy. The city itself was built on the ruins of Medeci. Two rulers holds courts in Aziev, one is Sasha Captrev, the guild master of North Traders Guild, and the other is the leader of the underground Temple of Might, Vos high priest Pyerun Chernevik. The baron's court has moved south to Gradny long ago, but the baron still has some influence in the city and the province. Every building, every street is a constant reminder of Vos victory and Khinasi defeat, most of the population is of "pure" Vos blood, and the few foreigners that dwell in city are constantly reminded about that. All non-Vos and non-Belinikers live in small ghettos guarded by mercenaries of the Northern Traders Guild.
The city is dominated by the Hall of Might, an impressive building that is the only public temple for the Vos gods in Kozlovnyy, and its bloodspears and priests control the city streets. The Hall of Might holds gladiator fights, and rumours say that the priests are holding work slaves beneath the city. Zhupan Mutimir Ryadin (MVo, Ftr3; Az, major 22, NE) is an obedient servant of the high priest. His blood relations with the baron's family will make him a perfect pretender to the throne.
Two boyars, Ognyan Miroslav (MVo,Ftr6; Ba tainted 6,LN) and Oleg Tezhinski (MVo, Rgr7; CG), on the east and south sides of the zhupa support the Voivod's cause and shelter his supporters on their wast lands. Sacha Captrev and his two lieutenants, mercenary captain Frieda Svendother (FRj, Bnb3/Rgr4; CG) and spy/merchant Bran Syenkovski (MVo/Br, Rog5; CN), support the Voivod's regime within the city. The leader of bloodspears, Timur Valoyev (MVo, Bnb8; CE), often clashes with Frieda and her men, and he vowed publicly that he will personally slay her and put her head a top of pike.

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