Zha´nge ValleyKozlovnyySovradaloy
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Sovradaloy is a large wooded zhupa, located north of Ad Cravan Mountains bordering Cwmb Bheinn and Besa´am. The Temple of Might has strong hold on the souls of people, but Baron maintains some influence. Zhupan Kazimir Miecznik (MVo, Ftr6,LN) respects voivod Vladimir and is trying to suppress the influence of Pyerun Chernevik. Younger warriors are gathered around Mihayl Timurovich (MVo, Pr5 of Belinik, CE), an apprentice of Chernevik, and he leads their secret "bear fang" berserker lodge. Zhupan is aware of the lodge's existence but he can't find its location, and he is willing to pay handsomely for that information.

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