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Novgorik is one of the "grain" zhupas of Kozlovnyy. This fertile land is irrigated with cool waters of Zha´nge River and its tributary, the Mandov´ River. The land is worked by free peasants under the teachings of Avani imams. Most of the grain is stockpiled in the sole city fortress in the province, Novogor. Chelnik of Novogor is boyar Marat Yegorovich (MVo, Pr6 of Avani,LG), a stern but kindhearted man who would gladly give his life for safety of his people. The legends says that Gorik Hill is some sort of burial hummock of giants, and the legends has lured many adventurers to the city and some few angry Giants as well. A representative of Gradny Coster, Yusuf Al-Novogori (MKh, Gui 3, NE), is another headache for the chelnik. This greedy man is violating any law he can, and insists on transporting the goods by river, even that provokes giants of the Broken Hills, so he can spare few coins, for his smuggling operations with Black Spear Tribes. The Zhupanes of the province is Masha Borowsky (FVo, Rgr 4; Az tainted 4, CN), a woman occupied with vengeance against the giants after they killed her lover (Khinasi lover some say) few years ago, so she left most of her administrative duties to chelnik Marat. She is gathering brave adventurers for her "hunt", and she will not rest until she sees that every last of them is wiped from face of Cerilia.

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