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Tarvonyy zhupa is located south of Swanwood. An old Anuirean highway passes through the province, connecting old Medec with Djira and Mesire. The travellers on the highway are constantly preyed upon by robber bands supported by Pyerun Chernevik, though their favourite targets are Khinasi merchants from Gradny Coster. Halimah el-Nasib is tired of this situation and constantly presses the Voivod to give her "free rein" to deal with the robbers.
Zhupan Nikolai Trovsky (MVo, Ftr2; N) ran to Gradny few years ago and now the hayduk's leader, boyar Vanya Orlevsky (MVo, Rog6; Ma, tainted 3, NE), has declared himself to be the "true" Zhupan. Gradny Coster has put out a reward of 4.000 silver for Orlevsky's head.

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