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Highvale zhupa is a center of Avani's worship in Kozlovnyy, the seat of Kozlov Ayatollah Ali Zeryatim (MKh/V, Pr 6 of Avani; Ba, minor 12, LG) is in Old Haji Madrasah.
The legend says that after the fall of Medec, Vos solider swept across country pillaging and burning, and one day seven of them found an old man named Haji, dressed in simple white robes, siting on a stone in the middle of vineyard. The old man asked the warriors for a last wish, to let him talk them about what he had learnt during his long life. Intrigued, the warriors sat there and listened. For 7 days he talked to them, without any food or water, about his life and light of reason that is Avani and for seven days they listened. On eight day the old man died and seven disciples of Avani left that vineyard. Seven years later one of disciples returned and in that vineyard build the first Madrasah in Kozlovnyy.
Highvale is not just a place of legends and a land of priests. It is land of orchards and vineyards, clear water streams and bountiful forests and its beauty attracts many preying ayes from the realms of the Lamia and Black Spear Tribes. The province's population is of mixed heritage. The majority can count both Vos and Khinasi ancestors, and they love their country and way of life ferociously.
The Zhupan of Highvale is Wolkan Polovec (MVo, Ftr 7; CG), a bear of a man who fought his way to the title of Zhupan with the idea of changing the land intto a "true" Vos zhupa. However after he killed his predecessor, he started to realise how wrong his apporach had been. Now he is a kindhearted man who spends most of the time playing with his horde of grandchildren and enjoying the famous Highvales vine. Wolkan even adopted the Khinasi custom of polygamy, so most of administrative duties are performed by his many sons from many spouses. One of these Mussa (MKh/V, Rog 2, CN) is the representative of Gradny Coster in Highvale and another son Georg (MVo, Ftr 3; LN) serves as the chelnik at Wolkan's service. It is said that clan Polovec can muster a whole unit made up of family members.

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