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Gradny Coster is one of the major economical powers in Zha´nge Valley. It's guilds are spread in many countries and it's influence grows every year.

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The town of Gradny was given a charter by the Voivod Igor Nikailov, and in short order, the rising Gradny Coster organized a political faction and took control of the city council. The city obtained the right to fortify and is now a well defended town in which the holdings of the Gradny Coster are quite secure. Guild members are required to join the town militia and defend the city.
Though the guild has control of the administration of the city, it has not found it necessary to gain control of the police power or judicial authority in the town. Instead, a mixture of influence controls the city, from the Voivod, the guild, the Zhupan, and the Fiery Dawn of Avani. This diversity of influences means that no regent controls the legal authority in the city.


After the fall of the Khinasi cities in Zha´nge Valley, the land was struck by a cultural and economic crisis. When Medeci fell many Medecians ran away, but a few had the courage to stay. One of those few was the Nasib geirhou. The Nasibs lost their holdings and in the Vos invasion, but they didn't despair. Using their network of trade contacts and liquidating their other assets, they worked hard on regaining the family fortunes and uniting they conquered people. Many years passed as they watched the Vos horde turns in something different. The Vos had left Kal Kalathor to abandon the old ways of perpetual struggle for the lures of civilization. While not everyone was ready to embrace a synthesis of Vos and Khinasi, many were, the so-called nona.
In this new society, they found their place as merchants and administrators for the new Voivod. Thus, the first guild in Kozlovnyy was formed and it took name of the new capital Gradny. From there, the Nasibs family helped introduce the newcomers to their Khinasi countrymen in the south of the new realm of Kozlovnyy. As the power of the guild grow, the Khinasi started regaining what they lost, not by the sword or spell but with the coin. In two hundred years their influence moved beyond borders of Kozlovnyy, and guild acquired some of its trade partners in Besa´am and recovered lost holdings in Djira. Many Vos have embraced the faith of Avani, learning, and civilization and forged a new Kozlov identity. The Gradny Coster has embraced this identity and has abandoned its old Khinasi structure. The current leader of the guild, Halimah el-Nasib has fashioned the guild to her style of rule. She is not beyond resorting to the brutal tactics when it has been necessary, and has acquired much of her competition, by means both persuasive and coercive. Now the Gradny Coster is the most powerful guild in the region, and its interests have moved beyond Kozlovnyy.


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[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Gradny Coster
Dwarf's Deeping, Kozlovnyy (1/5)-FDA (1)Grd (1)-
Dzernin, Kozlovnyy (2/5)VN (1)FDA (1)Grd (1)-
Forestmarch, Kozlovnyy (2/3)VN (1)TM (2)Grd (2)Swa (1)
Gradny, Kozlovnyy (4/3)VN (2)TM (2)Grd (3)*-
Highvale, Kozlovnyy (2/5)VN (1)FDA (2)Grd (1)-
Novgorik, Kozlovnyy (2/3)VN (1)FDA (2)Grd (2)-
Tarvonyy, Kozlovnyy (1/4)-TM (1)Grd (1)Swa (1)
Alarin, Black Spear Tribes (2/3)Sh (2)-Grd (0)Sh(3)
Darkgate, Black Spear Tribes (2/7)Sh (2)-Grd (1)YRM (5)
el-Qadr, Black Spear Tribes (2/3)GZT (0)-Grd (1)Sh (2)
Ras Ghul, Black Spear Tribes (4/5)Sh (4)*-Grd (2)Sh (4)
Cravengate, Besa´am (3/4)La (3)-Grd (3)Das (3)
North Marten, Besa´am (2/5)La (2)Med (1)Grd (2)Das (4)
South Marten, Besa´am (2/5)La (2)Med (2)Grd (2)-
* indicates a fortified holding
Abbreviations: VN = Vladimir Nikailov (Kozlovnyy); TM = Temple of Might (Pyerun Chernevik); FDA=Fiery Dawn of Avani (Jihal el-Arrat); Grd = Gradny Coster (Halimah el-Nasib); Swa = The Swan Mage (Marya Nivernny); Sh = El-SheighŘl (Black Spear Tribes); YRM = Yousef ibn Reghil el-Mesir (Mesire); GZT = Garak zul Turbun; La= the Lamia (Besa´am); Med=Medecian Way (Iocas Narvadae); Das=Dashid al-Rashid

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