Dwarf's Deeping

Zha´nge ValleyKozlovnyyDwarf's Deeping
Arms of Dwarf's DeepingArms of Dwarf's Deeping

Dwarf's Deeping is a rugged mountainous zhupa, and the only pass through the Ad Cravan Mountains leads trough it. The pass is called Craven Gate and it leads to the fortress of Cravengate in Besa´am. There is little traffic these days as Besa´am and Kozlovnyy ignore one another most of the time. The people of this zhupa are free sturdy highlanders and most of them are cattle herders and woodcutters. The little trade that exists in province is due efforts of Gradny Coster to establish trade with Besa´am. The land is dotted with caverns and passes to underground but, despite the name, no evident marks of dwarven culture has been found.

Zhupan Ondrey Maximov (MVo, Bbn 2; Re, tainted 7, N), the head of the Maximov clan, has little influence right now as he is seduced and charmed by Olga Chensky (FVo, Pr4 of Kriesha, NE), who is trying to bring his land under stronger Torva influence. Two people keep the zhupa running, Selena bint Omar (FKh, Brd 3, CN), the representative of Gradny Coster, and imam Vasyl the White (MVo, Pr5 of Avani, LG). Vasyl is trying to reason with Ondrey and teach him about responsibility, but less noble emotion of jealousy from Selena might reveal the truth, as the young bard is not used to being overlooked.

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