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Arms of IocasArms of Iocas

Female Anuirean Noble 3/ Priest 3; CR:6
High Priestess of Medecian Way
Lineage of Greater Nobility
Major Bloodline of Anduiras, 30
CG Medium Humanoid

Init +0
Languages Anuirean, Khinasi

AC 18 (Dex -1, armor +6, ring +3), touch 12, flatfooted 18
Fort +5 , Ref +1 , Will +9

Speed ft
Melee Atk +4 (damage /critical, weapon)
Ranged +3 (damage /critical, weapon)
Base Atk +4 ; Grapple +4

Abilities Str 10, Dex 8, Con 12, Int 13, Wis 16, Cha 14 Bld 30
Special Qualities: including linked blood abilities
Description: , lbs

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framed|Iocas Narvadae

Typical Dialogue:

Iocas Narvadae is practical, realistic, and matter-of-fact. She is not interested in subjects she sees no use for, but can apply herself when necessary. She likes to organize and run activities. Iocas makes a good administrator, especially when she can remember to consider others' feelings and points of view, which she often misses. Iocas is a civic-minded individual who has dedicated herself to maintaining the institutions behind a smooth-running society. Unfortunately, the Lamia does not allow Besaïam to be such a stable realm. Nevertheless, Iocas sees Avani and herself as defenders of the Khinasi lifeways. She maintains an ideal vision of the Khinasi society dedicated to Avani, and strives to bring this about. Iocas also blends the worship of Avani with the aim of destroying the Lamia. As she proceeds, she is a strong believer in rules and procedures to achieve these ends. Iocas is outgoing and does not hesitate to communicate her opinions and expectations to others. Since the abomination views any pretty woman as a threat, the actual threat that Iocas presents makes her the Lamia's greatest enemy, a role Iocas relishes.

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