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Gradny (Large Town): Conventional; AL NG, LG; 5000 gp limit; Assets 790,000 gp; Population 3160 (human 96%, dwarf 2%, halfling 1%, other 1%).

Authority Figures:
Important Characters:
Gradny is the city which gives its name to the province of Gradny. As the new capital of Kozlovnyy, Voivod Vladimir Nikailov holds his court here and it is also the base of operations for Halimah el-Nasib, guild master of the Gradny Coster. The city itself is best example of Khinasi influence among the Vos with its huge bazaars and rich palaces. The people of Gradny are also of mixed heritage with a small Khinasi majority. Goods from across the country are brought here and even some rare items of luxury come from Aftane, Ariya, Cwmb Bheinn, Rhuannach and Mesire. Many boyars reside in the city and their palaces are dotted around the buildings of the Boyarski Zbor, thus forming the richest city quarter.
The grandest building in the city is the Krasnodar Palace. It holds military training grounds, vast gardens, stables housing the finest horses in the country, a great complex of bathrooms and a harem of exotic dancers. It is said that Igor Nikailov moved the Medecian Royal Palace, stone by stone, from Medeci (Aziev) to Gradny. The Voivod is guarded by a special band of Khinasi warriors known as "Fire Eaters", many of whom hail from distant lands to serve in this prestige unit.
The Temple of the Blazing Morning is the great temple of the Fiery Dawn of Avani and is one of the great temples of Avani that does not lay within sight of the Ba´r el-Mehare. Built during the Medecian era, the temple has seen more interest in the Kozlov era, because of the militant spirit of the Fiery Dawn.
Near the Temple of the Blazing Morning, and dedicated to some of the same principles of learning, is the great Kozlov Royal Academy. Here young nobles and sons of rich merchants are educated in the ways of science, war, and philosophy, and many of them join the "Kozlov Hussars" unit in the Voivod's army.
The town of Gradny was given a charter by the Voivod Igor Nikailov, and in short order, the rising Gradny Coster organized a political faction and took control of the city council. The city obtained the right to fortify and is now a well defended town in which the holdings of the Gradny Coster are quite secure. Guild members are required to join the town militia and defend the city.
Though the guild has control of the administration of the city, it has not found it necessary to gain control of the police power or judicial authority in the town. Instead, a mixture of influence controls the city, from the Voivod, the guild, the Zhupan, and the Fiery Dawn of Avani. This diversity of influences means that no regent controls the legal authority in the city.

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