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framed|Arms of Carilon

Male Anuirean Noble 6; CR:6

Duke of Alamie

Lineage of Greater Nobility

Major Bloodline of Basaïa, 46

NE Medium Humanoid (human)


Init +0

Languages Anuirean (native)

AC , touch , flatfooted

Fort + , Ref + , Will +

Speed ft

Melee Atk + (damage /critical, weapon)

Ranged + (damage /critical, weapon)

Base Atk + ; Grapple

Abilities Str , Dex , Con , Int , Wis , Cha



Special Qualities: Long Life (Minor)

Description: , lbs


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framed|Carilon Alam

Typical Dialogue:


Carilon Alam is the Duke of Alamie and the son of Herran Alam and Serta Deseirain. Descended from the original rulers of the much larger Imperial duchy of Alamie, Carilon feels keenly the reduction in fortunes in his once-great family. Alamie was once a great duchy, the equal perhaps even of Boeruine, but civil war caused by the lusts of a bastard child tore the realm in two, the conquered western provinces of the realm became known as Tuornen (after the river Tuor which divides the dukedom) and are now ruled by the Flaertes family.
The Dukes of Alamie have never succeeded in their attempts to reunite their Dukedom, though it has been the obsession of all - Carilon himself has made two major attempts to liberate the Tuornese; the first invasion in 519 MR failed when armies sent to liberate the northern mountains were met in battle by the dread awnshegh Rhuobhe Manslayer leading the death of Carilon's firstborn son. The second liberation attempt failed when the Tuornese somehow heard of the attempt and whelmed a huge force of mercenaries. Led by Braedonnal Tuares the mercenaries defeated the forces of Alamie and nearly took Alaroine itself before their mercenary army collapsed about them. To this day Carilon's spies have not been able to find the source of the funds which paid for the mercenaries, or discover why the Sidhelien are so keen for Alamie to remain divided. One day both these questions will be resolved and then justice will be done.
Carilon, like most dukes of Alamie, is a firm believer in proper behaviour, strong rulership and enforcement of the feudal order. Great Haelyn ordained the way that man shall live and to Carilon it is clear that perversions of this natural order lead to chaos and ruin - had Dalton, the illegitimate son of Kaeduric Alam, understood his proper place and not placed his perverted ambitions above the good of the people of Alam, the Duchy would have remained whole and much suffering been avoided.
Carilon's strengths are his belief in destiny, his loyalty to his vassals, and his cunning which is legendary. Carilon's weaknesses are his cruelty, his widespread reputation for cunning which leaves all to consider the worst of his most innocent overtures, his demands for absolute obedience from his vassals - and complete disdain for commoners and other sub-humans. Carilon has a poor reputation across Anuire - few regents share his understanding of the importance of a unified Alamie in stabilizing the Heartlands, indeed so weakened is the social order outside Alamie that many nobles stoop to mere mercantile endeavours. Carilon's detractors (fuelled by slanders from Tuornen) say that he has more love for gold and personal power than for the cares of the people of his realm, these rumours infuriate Carilon - he has always ensured that his nobles are supported, often aiding them in crushing rebellions and driving sullen peasants to labour, in the knowledge that such deeds are the duty of a noble duke.
Carilon desperately wishes to see Alamie unified before he dies, once Alamie is unified anything is within his grasp - even perhaps becoming a contender for the Iron Throne itself. Failing that, he hopes the histories will reflect him as a great statesman for he has overcome repeated set-backs in his reign - twice the Gorgon's armies have ravaged Alamie, the crushing of a peasant rebellion early in his reign resulted in a terrible famine, plague decimated the realm after the Tuornese mercenary invasion, and the winter of 541 brought the dukedom to its knees and forcing it to disband much of its army on the eve of a triumphant third attempt to liberate Tuornen. To his anger these achievements are overlooked by Carilon's peers in Anuire and Carilon has become bitter in his old age.
Well known for his cunning, Lord Alam spends much of his time scheming, devising new tactics to retake Tuornen and to bolster Alamie's regeneration as a force to be reckoned with in the Heartlands. The Duke's court has many openings for similarly focused nobles, courtiers and strategists and the Duke is known to pay well those who support him in his aims. Of course, the Duke is aware that his focus on international politics rather than the daily running of his realm is risky, so he ensures that he has a capable and effective police force (and many undercover operatives), the running of which he entrusts to his loyal and valued lieutenant, Lord Moergan Deseirain.
A man in his mid-sixties and of sometimes-questionable health, Carilon has survived much longer than anyone expected of him, much to the chagrin of his enemies. He has already outlived his wife, Elaene Laraeth, who died in 531 MR. They had three children, including Carilon's designated heir, Soraene Alam. In 535, he married Juliet Tael despite his long scorn for the recent rise to importance of the nobility of the Tael family.
Carilon's secret, such as it is, is that in 528 MR, during the last generational riving by the Gorgon, Carilon joined his brother-in-law in battle to defend Mhoried and, after that incident, seems to have acquired the Long Life blood ability. This has kept him alive and well, much to the frustration of his many rivals.

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