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Arms of NortmoorArms of Nortmoor

Nortmoor is the most remote, least populated province in Alamie. Though the people here are farmers, they are of a different sort than their southern brethren. Here, the bulk of the people live in isolated farmsteads and make visits into the nearest village only rarely and only then to exchange news and break up the monotony of isolation. Although Nortmoor lies within Alamie, the people have more in common with their cousins across the Stonebyrn in Mhoried.
The ducal authority remains a distant thing in Nortmoor and so the inhabitants must take the law into their own hands. Nearly everyone wears a weapon, the windows are all barred, and the doors are all locked for the nearby raiders of the Five Peaks are a constant worry.
Nortmoor?s last count was killed, along with his entire family, during a raid nearly ten years ago and since that time the province has fallen under the juristiction of the Baron of Sorelies. However, the Baron?s patrols have lapsed in recent years, and many citizens of Nortmoor haven?t seen a sheriff or army patrol in years.

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