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Arms of MaesfordArms of Maesford

Comprised of vast open plains that are occasionally subject to flooding from the Maesil River, Maesford is a rich agricultural province, although in recent years it has fallen under the control of Guilder Kalien and much of its wealth is being syphoned away to fuel the merchant?s interests in the region. The town of Maesford lies just across the Maesil River from the City of Endier and a ferry service constantly makes the run between the two. The town is also home to large grain silos and numerous warehouses for the storage of goods destined for Endier or for sale further down the Maesil River.
The countess here is Ruimiele Vyrwell (FAn; Nbl3; unblooded). Though she maintains her ties of vassalage to Duke Alam, she ensures that Guilder Kalien?s interests are looked after. A unit of archers and a unit of infantry are stationed in this province.

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